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In recent years, Wrestlemania has been headlined by some of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling, who have returned to the company for one reason or another.

In 2011, we saw The Rock return to WWE in order to host the Wrestlemania 27 and last year, The Rock main-evented Wrestlemania 28 against John Cena.

This year however, Brock Lesnar is also looking very likely to feature on the Wrestlemania card, along with a Rock/Cena rematch in the works.

This begs the question though, what will happen when these Superstars are no longer available, or interested, in wrestling and appearing on WWE television?

For some it might be a scary thought, especially since the last time WWE failed to have a world famous ex-Superstar wrestle at the big event (Wrestlemania 27), the pay-per-view did terribly.

In 2013 however, I'm not as concerned about the lack of big names as I once was.

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, WWE's content is currently very engaging.

Some may disagree and some may say it is simply the Wrestlemania atmosphere hanging thick in the air, but I am hopeful WWE is entering a new era of programming and production.

Take the Jack Swagger/Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship feud for instance.

This storyline is enraging people and gaining more outside attention than anything the WWE Universe has seen in almost two years.

Not since CM Punk unleashed his frustrations live on RAW in 2011, have we seen such compelling, controversial and flat out offensive WWE television, and I for one think it's fantastic.

Secondly, with the unveiling of the new WWE Championship two weeks ago, all signs point to a new era in WWE.

I'm hopeful this 'new era' means the old PG stuff is now behind us, and from here on out the WWE Universe will witness the birth of a 'new attitude era'.

It may seem like outlandish and wishful thinking, but the signs are on our TV screens tri-weekly.

Not only do we have Swagger and Zeb Coulter picking fights with 'outsiders', in the form of Glenn Beck, but we are no longer being censored in what we see.

Brock Lesnar lost a bucket of blood on last Monday's RAW, yet not once did we see the production crew make an effort to change camera angle or stop us from seeing it.

The return of The Rock to an almost full time role has also given the WWE Universe less censored programming.

References to the female reproductive organ and the word 'piss' are now seemingly standard for Monday night prime-time viewing, which I don't think anybody is complaining about.

Lastly and most importantly however, the standard of young talent and the wrestling ability currently on show from those who are not hailed as 'mega stars', is exceptional.

Last Monday we witnessed John Cena and CM Punk put on an absolute wrestling clinic, in what was arguably the best match of 2013 thus far.

The great thing about the match was not the technical display from both competitors though, it was the fact that the match happened on RAW and gave the WWE Universe a reason to watch and keep believing in the company.

Furthermore, we are also seeing regular content that is exciting and different in the tag team division and in the mid-card.

I for one believe a Last Chance Match at Wrestlemania between Antonio Cesaro and The Miz has the ability to steal the show and I certainly would not get up and go to the toilet during a WWE Tag Team Championship bout between Hell No and The Prime Time Players.

There is just so much potential on offer in so many different categories of WWE programming this year.

With the likes of Swagger, Cesaro and The Shield reaching new heights, WWE has given it's viewers a reason to watch the entire episodes of RAW and Smackdown each week, not just the opening and closing segments.

No doubt WWE will lose the likes of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho in the months after Wrestlemania, but is that really the end of the world?

I don't think so.
Second best, Elimination Chamber FTW Tongue
  • March 1, 2013
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Justin Barr
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