Justin Barr

WWE dropped an almighty clanger in my opinion when they decided to put Jack Swagger in the title picture ahead of The Viper Randy Orton.

It does pain me to say it as I have been the one claiming Orton as boring and lacking charisma, but I stand by what I said at the time because his feuds were boring and he showed us with his body language that he was bored with them too.

However, RKO has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months. This feud with the Shield has actually been good for Randy, it appears to have kick started his desire.

He has been a bit of a jobber lately though, I must say. His win/loss record no doubt leaves a lot to be desired, but there has been several occasions where the fans have been going wild for the Apex Predator.

Look at the Elimination Chamber. I firmly believe that we haven't seen such a crowd reaction for a babyface that much since Steve Austin. Fact. They were going absolutely nuts for Orton and rightly so. If WWE ever had the foresight to change the result of the match actually during the match based on the crowd reaction, they should have done right there. Somebody should have said right there "Orton wins Chamber" because that is what the fans want. It could have been easy to do, with Ziggler needing to cash in, it would have been two birds with one stone by having Ziggler vs. Orton at Mania. I think that would have been a better match too, especially if Big E Bra Size got an RKO for interfering. FYI Big E, put some shorts on for Christs sake, that singlet is way way way too short!!!!

Anyway, I digress. The reaction from the fans when Orton got eliminated from the Rumble told a lot too. After hitting lots with an RKO only to be thrown out not long after left a bitter taste for the fans. Why have him look so good in the Rumble, only to not even be in final 3? Made no sense.

If WWE are still delaying his title run or whatever due to punishing him for his past discretions, then enough is enough guys. He has done his time and it's his turn back in the spotlight. You could easily put him on top with the strap before turning him heel, easily. The fans want Orton on top, it's obvious.

Of course, it is also obvious that Orton wants to turn heel, and quick, but it's more about what the fans want, and right now they are cheering for Orton. They are cheering for him more than your "top guy" at the moment. Then again I can go to the ring, attack the Shield and get cheered louder than that guy.

I hope WWE hasn't given up on Orton and they are just biding their time due to other more pressing storylines, because he does still have a lot to offer the WWE universe and PPV buy rates.

By the way, how freaking cool was that RKO to Cesaro on RAW? My god he nailed that good!

Anyway, it looks likely that it will be Orton and Sheamus against the Shield at Wrestlemania. Whether we think that's a good match idea or not (not really by the way, but work with me here) then I think Sheamus and Orton should win, based on how much they have given over the last year. Sheamus was a decent WHC after Wrestlemania and Orton has jobbed and won against (and put on damn decent matches with) everyone put in front of him.

We'll have to wait and see on this, but I hope he's next on the list for title runs, maybe even they guy who takes it of Ziggler (assuming Swagger gets what he deserves after being arrested and doesn't win or compete at Mania). Orton's convinced me lately, and many many more I assume too.

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