Justin Barr

For the last 5 years, Kofi Kingston has been mis used in every way possible. This once hopeful World Champion, will never reach that apex again.

Kofi kingston was brought in to play a Jamaican gimmick in WWECW. At the time he had new in ring moves that kept our attention, and a fancy entrance. That quickly faded away when He opened his mouth and forgot about his accent. Over time he was involved in bragging rights tag match, a intercontinental championship fued with dolph ziggler, which wa the highlight of his career basically, multiple tag team championships with Cm Punk, Evan bourne and R-truth, and a U.S title run. Kofi kingston has been a member of the WWE Mid card family his whole career. Without a doubt his fued with Randy Orton was surprising and entertaining, but WWE dropped the ball with him again. WWE sees Kingston as the type of guy to throw into a match because he says Boom, Kofi doesnt like it, but he wants to keep his job, hoping for a change. And even later on when Kofi began his team with Evan Bourne, there was hope for a great success in The Tag Team division, but that ended With Evan Bourne failing a drug test, and getting injured for over a year. And over that year WWE did the same thing with him as they did in the begginning, they threw him right back into the mid card hunt, where he got the title from Wade Barrett on Main Event. Although Kofi was in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match in 2012, he wasnt taken serious. Kofi has become a sales product because he says Boom and is very kid friendly. WWE makes alot of money of of him. If there is any hope for this great athlete to ever break loose from the Mid Card family, he has to turn heel and cut one of the greatest promos of all time, to be taken serious. Not like Punk's promo, but something that gets him some serious attention. Also a change in the moveset, i havent seen a new thing from Kofi since AirBoom. A new attire a new attitude and a new path to success. But this still wont happen, WWE by now has given up on pushing this cahracter when they have new breeds, and current superstars who never recieved a push and are bound for one. I have given up of Kofi.

WWE is going to make as much money off of him as they can, then not show him any creative guideline. Wasted talent. Its a shame.
Turner Sykes
In 3 years he will win the gold
  • February 28, 2013
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Justin Barr
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