Adam wilkinson

What To Do With Michael McGillicutty

Michael McGillicutty is one superstar i hope to see get some creative guideline that will lead him to a great future. When Mcgillicutty recieved his tiny push getting put together with Otunga, and they became the tag team champions, that was an all time low for the tag team division. Their team wasnt built up at all, and no one wanted them to win. That was a bad buisness decision, and something i call "WWE Creative Laziness." But theres no doubt that The son of Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, is a very talented in-ringperformer. Triple h is a fan of Mcgillicutty's and has been setting plans for him to get a push later on. But in what direction? Hopefully not some stupid gimmick like this Fandango character That Johnny Curtis had to belittle himself to just so he can keep his job, but a real character plot for mcgillicutty. Here's what i would do.

For the start, to repackage Mcgillicutty, i have to change his name, no one likes taking the time to say it, or spell it. I would change it to something that would compliment his gimmick. What i would do is change it To Michael Perfect. Just as his nickname, he would be like his dad and be called Mihael Perfect instead of Mr. Perfect, and his real ring name would be Michael Hennig, or they can use his real name Joe. He could have debut vignettes, that show how perfect he is, and that hes the son of Mr. Perfect, and he can also say Like father Like Son. Then what to do with that, is have his character built off of his fathers legacy. you have him come in strong, have him enter the ring with the towel like his dad. I dont think it would be a bad idea. And as far as his push goes, you have him go for the Intercontinental title for the first year of his repackaged career, and make it credible, because Mr. PErfect, his father, did that. Living of his fathers legacy is the best option for WWE to go if they want McGillicutty to make a name for himself, but by using his fathers cahracter to help.

Without a doubt there are hopefuls for Joe Hennigs Future, and this idea is a great path for his career to really take liftoff, and add some credibility.