Adam wilkinson

Which Member Of The Shield Will Be Most Popular?

With the debut of a new interesting stable, of 3 power hungry rookies, which one of them will have the biggest breakthrough after the group splits.

Starting with Dean Ambrose, the alledged leader of The Shield. On the independant scene Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose) was the one making noise. Not jsut through his exciting fast paste matches, but with his mic skills. Moxley has many posted promos of himself. The ebst part of his promos is that they are improvised. He know just what to say to boost the hype. Ambrose has had the benefit of being in the ring with CM Punk in a lengthy match at NXT, William Regal at FCW, and has had his heat with mick foley. Whatever he did, he did it right, he showed how hungry he is, through his promos and in-ring capability. Overall, i see Ambrose being the breakthrough star of the group as a Heel. He is one of those wrestlers who are not ment to be a Face, WWE will drop his character if they set him as a Face. Being a heel i definetely see Ambrose becoming World Champion of WWE Champion in the Next 2 years.

Moving on to the exciting Seth Rollins, who made big noise as Tyler Black in ROh, where he acquired the title and did very explosive moves. Rollins is going to be known as an exciting performer. His finisher, "The Blackout", which is a running curbstomp is a very innovative move that will become famous in time. Rollins has the high flying ability as well, later on he'll probably have a top rope finishing manuever, but when he gets his individual match i expect all high fast paste matches. Rollins is an excellent in ring performer and has a great tempo. I would prefer to see Rollins break free as a Face. I cant take him as serious as i take Ambrose and Reigns. And knowing him In NXT as a face means he is a good one. He will get over with the fans as one. Rollins does show a lack of mic skills though. When the shield first started making there promos, i could tell he was struggling. But with progress i can see he's developing into a good talker. I see rollins acquiring a mid card push at first, then probably going for the World Title, the eventually making his way towards theWWE Championship. I Consider Him my Second Breakthrough of the Shield.

For Roman Reigns, formarly known as Leakee, who is related to The Rock, i have difficulty seeing what WWE wants to do with him. I am a fan of his power, but not of his originatlity. He uses a powerbomb, with isnt his. And his spear, even though it is really powerful, isnt his either. I guess it does make sense that since he played football that he would be given the spear but ive seen it before with Goldberg. he does have good mic skills, where verbally he displays his power and likes to yell to express his emotion which i am a fan of. But WWE has dropped the ball with newcomer big men frequently. Thats my worry for Reigns, he has talent and expresses it in his matches, but WWE has to follow through to make his character one that finally works. That is why i consider him #3.

Throughout the next 3 years i hope that this new stable will take over WWE in some way after they break up. Ambrose has a great promising Future. Rollins a great talent who can lead to great things. Riegns is a talented powerhouse who needs to be used correctly if hes ever going to get over in a singles career.