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BTB VIII: Possible Wrestlemania Opponents for The Undertaker

Hey Yo! Here we go for possible opponents for The Undertaker over the course of the next two years:

John Cena – automatically when fans see Cena’s name against whomever, they straight out believe Cena will win. Fact is, he usually does but going against The Undertaker, I could imagine how big this match could be; here is the cornerstone of the WWE putting his streak on the line up against the supposedly unbeatable John Cena. When you think about it, it’s two unbeatable forces going at it, though Cena does lose, people seemingly forget that he has or does.

In a way you could say John Cena is in the same boat as Hulk Hogan. When Hogan wrestled during the 1980s to the 1990s, people rarely believed Hogan would lose and he rarely did, same can be said about Cena.

Going back to it, I can imagine the outrage fans would have to see this match come down onto an actual Wrestlemania PPV card – to some, they’d see it as a big match-up, but to a lot of others, they see this being another win for John Cena and the end of a legendary streak. It’s like this, every PPV, when a Cena match comes up, people always seemingly pick Cena to overcome the odds and win and on some occasions he does but a few of the time, he doesn’t.

Cena vs. Undertaker has that big match feel towards it, like I said you have Undertaker who is the cornerstone of the WWE versus John Cena, the guy who is basically the face of the WWE. I can see this being a big match, I can also see this being a match where so many fans would be sitting on the fence wondering if Undertaker could pull out the impossible and defeat the unbeatable John Cena. It would be a very hard match to predict.

CM Punk – Punk is one a lot of fans want Undertaker to wrestle either at this Wrestlemania or next years, reason being that Punk could carry to Taker to a believable good match. Punk is in a lot of ways, the best wrestler within WWE right now and I do believe a Punk vs. Taker match is the best way to go, just because Punk could carry Taker to a decent encounter, which in no way shape or form would be in the same category as what Shawn Michaels or Triple H have done over the past four years.

The only issue I have in seeing this match happen is the fact that Punk has stated in a previous interview, a couple years back, that he didn’t want to be a part of Taker’s streak. Sure it makes sense for Wrestlemania 29, for Punk to gain respect by wrestling and defeating Undertaker at Taker’s yard but what would the point be, if Punk doesn’t really want to waste his time on being just another statistic to Undertaker’s already legendary streak, so again though Punk could get the best out of Undertaker, there really isn’t any point for this match to happen, though in some ways there is.

Kane – there would be a lot of reasons why this match should happen again, especially in Undertaker’s last match. These two have a long storied history together that goes back to their childhood, when they were only kids. As the story goes, Undertaker lit his family’s house and funeral parlour on fire, killing his mother, his father and his brother Kane… well so he thought. Years after the horrific blaze that tore through their home; Paul Bearer would declare that Kane was still alive, but to Undertaker, Bearer was nothing more than a liar but then Kane would make a surprise appearance at Bad Blood 1997, tearing the door of its hinges to the Hell in a Cell and wreaking havoc and destroying Undertaker in the process, costing him the match against Shawn Michaels. Near 20 years on, the two brothers have had an on-again, off-again relationship with one another; one week they’re destroying their opponents, the next themselves battling in hellacious battles such as Hell in a Cell, Buried Alive and an Inferno match; the two brothers have had it in for one another ever since childhood when Undertaker did what he had done.

The story is there and really when I think about it, there is a lot of reasons why Kane vs. Undertaker would be a good farewell for the Deadman who has terrorised the WWE for a good 22 years, having his last match against his brother whom he has had a somewhat relationship with.

No matter what the case, there will never be an awesome storyline like this again that involved two brothers (storyline wise) that went through hell and back with one another. Really in my honest opinion, Kane should be Undertaker’s last opponent.

Brock Lesnar – this is one match a year ago that I wanted to witness, but as time has gone on, I just can’t see it happening solely because of how beaten up Undertaker is. Like I have said on this site before, Brock is a different type of animal to that of a Batista, Mark Henry, Triple H or any other big man Undertaker has wrestled; Lesnar is a reckless, destructible beast and is more capable of hurting Taker than hurting himself; Brock showed it against John Cena at Extreme Rules how ruthless he could be; Brock oozes ruthless aggression, he was what that whole era was about – in his prime, Lesnar destroyed the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Rock and whomever else stood in his way, including The Undertaker. Undertaker is yet to get a victory over Brock Lesnar and really looking at it, I don’t think he ever will, solely because I don’t think WWE are willing to risk Undertaker stepping into the ring with someone who is capable of destruction as much as what Brock Lesnar is.

Fact is, I could go on about how bad ass Brock really is, but it’s all in writing and it’s been seen before; Brock vs. Undertaker – I just can’t see the person Mark Calloway being able to handle it. As one of RSN’s members says @SweetChinStunner: “HERE COMES THE PAIN!” but more or less in Undertaker’s case it would be “HERE COMES A WHEELCHAIR AND ANOTHER YEAR OR TWO ON THE SIDELINES” because I really do believe Undertaker wouldn’t be able to handle the quickness, the recklessness, the ruthlessness, the aggressiveness of this beast known as Brock Lesnar.

Could Undertaker be able to handle a match-up with someone that is a complete beast that is Brock Lesnar? I truly don’t believe so and I know I did a poll on this awhile back and I think on that poll it was a close one but with most votes going towards the answer to that question being a “No”.

The Rock – Two legends from the Attitude Era going to battle, really when I look at this, I don’t see any reason for these two to go at it, yes they had history way back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s but that was over a decade ago and really as time has gone on, there is no reason for these two men to do battle. Sure it would be great to witness, seeing two legends going to war once again, but when you think about the era that these two wrestled in with one another; they rarely wrestled against each other. There is, in my opinion, no real reason why these two should wrestle against one another.

During the Attitude Era, The Rock battled the likes of Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Big Show while Undertaker went to war with those listed as well as his brother Kane. Rarely did these two ever cross paths and really when I think about it, the storyline would be weak as well – especially with both being part-timers now. Some fans would crave to see this, I’m one who’d be fine seeing it but I also am on the fence thinking “Why?”.

Sting – excuse me while I laugh. Reason I’m laughing is because the amount of belief from the fans that Sting will wrestle in WWE. Sting has stated he would love to wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but again when I hear that, I feel it is all talk and no substance. Sting, sure would love to wrestle Taker, but not in WWE, more or less in TNA just so Sting doesn’t have to deal with Vince McMahon.

Sting, is in my opinion, one of the most overrated wrestlers of this decade and last; yes the guy is a legend but he’s a legend who should’ve hanged up the boots years ago and should’ve stayed retired. Sting had so many memorable battles in the 1990’s with the likes of Ric Flair (excuse me for a minute) WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in all, other than that and other than his rivalry against the dreaded New World Order; what else has Sting done? Have a classic cluster duck match with Mick Foley in a steel cage, where an overweight Foley had to carry Sting to a good match? That right there, during that match, told me Sting is no longer that capable of giving a good match.

Sting vs. Undertaker would be big, for sure, but unfortunately it will never happen because Sting’s refusal to come to the WWE. As I said in the Cena part, it would be two big dinosaurs going at it – the cornerstone of the WWE versus the cornerstone of WCW and TNA. I would love to see this, don’t get me wrong, but chances of this ever happening is as likely as me getting back with my redhead rat hopping ex-girlfriend.

Until this day, when I hear Sting talk about wrestling Undertaker, all I hear is pure bull spit. Like one lady said on Naked News TV “Talk is cheap” and yes in this instance, it is. If Sting really wanted to have a match with Undertaker, then he would do something about it – come to a short term deal with WWE and get this match happening, otherwise Sting should shut the duck up and concentrate on his TNA career, for how long is left of it.

Big Show, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Stone Cold Steve Austin, any other legend within WWE – Just like I said with The Rock, I don’t believe there is any reason for Undertaker to wrestle any other legend within WWE whether that is Stone Cold, Jericho, Big Show, Mysterio, Orton and the list goes on and on. Right now, these guys are best utilized against other opponents and really Undertaker would get nothing out in beating any of these guys.

Any of the current WWE crop – Really though when I think about say a Undertaker vs. Sheamus or Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett or Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan match, I really see there being no point to either of those matches or any with any of those in the midcard as Undertaker’s history with them is void. Yes Wade and Nexus helped Kane bury his brother, but in all, that was what two, maybe three years ago? 2010 sounds familiar and that was three years ago? So really there would be no point in Wade and Taker going back to what happened then, because its old news and many fans would’ve forgotten about that match.

Undertaker vs. Antonio Cesaro, Undertaker vs. Kofi Kingston, Undertaker vs. a member of Shield, there is no real reason for any of those matches to happen and before I hear that bull spit about Undertaker having to pass the torch, I say that right there is the biggest load of spit period because Undertaker has, he has passed the torch many times whether it was against the likes of Maven, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and I could go on and on. Undertaker, like The Rock, doesn’t need to do spit.

Though Undertaker vs. Sheamus would be a good hard hitting battle, again where’s the history for that match to happen? Undertaker doesn’t have a history with Sheamus, Alberto, Bryan, Cesaro, Miz, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and any other current WWE wrestler… To me, every Undertaker-Wrestlemania match, the Deadman has got to have history with whomever he’s wrestling. Because in the long run, what is the point of him having a short term feud with say a Miz or a Wade Barrett or any other, because long term, it’s not going to do anything for any of them.

Like I said above, I really see Undertaker vs. John Cena being that big match-up that should happen, but in turn, I really hope Kane is, Undertaker's final opponent.

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