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Possible WWE Elimination Chamber Results And Predictions (WWE 13 Style)

Hey guys, here is another one of my Pay-Per-View possible predictions that may or may not happen at tonight's Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View using the WWE 13 video game. Seeing that this is my official first Blog on RSN, I thought I'd share the rules for this type of Blog and In-Game settings in case some may not have seen my first one posted in a comments section for last months Pay-Per-View(Royal Rumble).


- Game Difficulty: LEGEND(Hardest)

- All fights have to be controlled by the Computer A.I.

- I [The General Manager Smile] only have control over setting the order of entrants (non-title matches only unfortunately[BOOO!]), match types and stipulations and not the outcome of the match.

- Match types and stipulations are to be the exact same as the [Real] up coming Pay-Per-View unless changed after the Blog was written.

Now lets begin with what I believe may be the first match announced:

1.Elimination Chamber match

I Really hope this Take Two company renders entrance animation for a Chamber match in this years edition of the game franchise. It really adds to the feel of your created Superstar and others.

Superstars entrance in predictable order:

Kane, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry then Randy Orton to fill up the Chamber pods. Daniel Brian and then Chris Jericho to enter last and to start the match.

Order of Entrants into the match in predictable order:

1. Jack Swagger
2. Kane
3. Randy Orton
4. Mark Henry

Interesting highlights during the match:

- Orton and Swagger exchange lots of pin counters.

- Kane bashes Henry's head into the steel chamber wall.

- Henry counters Kane's tombstone, turns it into DDT on chamber steel floor.

- Kane tombstones mark Henry twice. (Busted open)

- Orton punches swagger repeatedly till he's busted open.

- Kane Choke-Slams Henry onto chamber steel floor.

- Henry Irish-whips Kane into one of the chamber pods breaking it in the process.(Hope this actually happens!)


Order of Elimination:

1. Jack Swagger by Y2J via pin-Fall (Code Breaker)
2. Randy Orton by Kane via pin-Fall (After Worlds Strongest Slam from Henry)
3. Kane by Mark Henry via pin-fall (World's Strongest Slam)
4. Chris Jericho by Mark Henry via pin-fall (World's Strongest Slam)
5. Mark Henry by Daniel Brian via Submission ("No" Lock)

Winner and going to WM29: Daniel Brian

2. WWE United States Championship Match: Antonio Cesaro(C) vs The Miz

WWE 13 forced Entrants order: Cesaro out first then The Miz.

Interesting highlights during the match:

- Cesaro hits Miz with the Neutralizer on concrete floor outside the ring.

- Miz hits his signature impact DDT, Cesaro busted open.

- Cesaro spears Miz through the Barricade.


- Antonio Cesaro def. The Miz via count out when he speared him through the Barricade and could not answer the Referee's 10 count.

Winner and still US Champion: Antonio Cesaro

3. Possible filler or Divas Championship??

I didn't download nor create Tamina and Katelyn due to time and internet issues.

My own prediction:

Katelyn def. Tamina and retains the Diva's Title.

4. World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio(C) vs The Big Show

Ricardo Rodriguez is out to announce Alberto Del Rio then out comes the World Champion followed by Big Show to start the match.

Interesting highlights during the match:

- Lots of back and forth counters from both men.

- Funny moment where Big Show was against the ropes and Alberto Del Rio did his signature running Enziguri kick to the skull and Big Show went flying over the ropes and unto the floor!(haha)

- Del Rio keeps doing moves that focus on Big Show's left arm. (I like this)

- Del Rio kicks out after 2 Choke-Slams back-to-back.

- Del Rio counters the 3rd Choke-Slam into a DDT, goes for the Arm-Breaker submission but Big Show gets out and is now holding his left arm (I like this)


Alberto Del Rio def. The Big Show via Arm-bar Submission.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio.

*Possible Aftermath??*

Big Show gets irate and blasts Del Rio with the a huge spear then knocks him out with the WMD, then to Ricardo who tries to help Del Rio. He then drags Del Rio outside the ring and then onto the announce table. He sets up the steel steps next to the table for leverage and finally Choke-Slams Del Rio through the announce table. Big Show walks up the ramp to some heavy boos from the crowd(who also chant "Ziggler") Dolph Ziggler's music hits and out he comes with his Money-in-the-Bank briefcase, along with AJ and Big-E. Dolph and AJ run fast past Big Show while Big-E stands in the way to make sure he doesn't go back and interfere in the moment. Ziggler hands the Referee his briefcase, drags Del Rio into the ring, the Referee rings the bell, Dolph goes for the pin but gets a TWO COUNT!! Crowd goes NUTS!!(possible mix reaction)

Dolph goes on a tirade of kicks all over Del Rio in frustration, anxiously waits till Del Rio is to his feet, goes for Zig-Zag but Del Rio counters by holding the ropes, a groggery Del Rio goes for his signature running kick in the corner but Dolph moves and hits the Zig-Zag and pins Del Rio to become the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. The male crowd goes wild as Dolph celebrates in the ring with AJ, sharing a juicy, wet kiss. Big-E then joins in the celebration by lifting Dolph on his shoulders and Dolph with the Championship belt held high.

5. Six-man Tag Team Match: The Shield(user created) vs The Justice League...err *cough*..sorry I meant Ryback(with new gear color), Sheamus and John Cena.

Predictable order of Entrants:

Sheamus, Ryback then John Cena. Out comes The Shield last from the crowd surrounding the ring.

I still say this should've been a 3 on 3 Chamber match. At least make it no DQ.

Interesting highlights during the match:

- Ryback hit Dean Ambrose with the Big-boot then went outside to clear the announce table. Seth Rollins saw him and Irish-whipped him back into the ring. Ryback went to charge after him but Rollins pulled the rope down and Ryback went flying outside onto the floor.

- Cena tags in Sheamus and they do a double Shoulder Block Tackle on Dean Ambrose.

- Roman Reigns does a hot tag to Rollins, Rollins unloads on Ryback then gets countered into Shell Shock. Ryback throws Rollins outside afterwards and onto the announce table(that was setup earlier by Ryback) Ryback goes to the top turnbuckle and dives his elbow straight through Rollins onto the announce table!


The Shield def. the team of Sheamus, Ryback and John Cena via pin-fall when Seth Rollins pinned Sheamus after taking a Brogue kick to the skull, kicking out, and then delivering(you won't believe it) a Pump-handle Slam(what?! lol!) This is one prediction outcome I know WON'T happen.

Winner: The Shield

6. THE MAIN EVENT: WWE Championship Match: The Rock(C) vs CM Punk

The Rock comes out first(possibly with no belt due CM Punk stealing it on RAW) CM Punk then comes out (accompanied by Paul Heyman) with The Rock's Championship.

Interesting highlights during the match:

- The Crowd chants "ROCKY, ROCKY!" at the start of the match.

- Lots of back and forth counters.

- Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, CM Punk counters it, CM Punk goes to kick Rock but he caught his leg and spinned him around, Rock went for Rock
Bottom again and CM Punk again countered, CM Punk went for the GTS, Rock countered again, then Rock attempted a 3rd Rock Bottom and finally nailed CM Punk with it only to get a 1 COUNT! *whew*

- The Rock goes for another Rock Bottom but CM Punk counters, then hits The Rock with the GTS only to get a 1 COUNT!

- The Rock "Lays the Smackdown" on CM Punk (punches then spits in his hand then smacks CM Punk right across his jaw. For some reason The Rock has stop doing this since he came back. I don't know why?)

- Weird repeated cycle of Rock running towards CM Punk with a clothesline and
Punk would counter it every time with his signature Neckbreaker a total of 5 times! (pretty funny stuff) Rock got him on the 6th try though.


The Rock def. CM Punk via pin-fall after a Rock Bottom in the middle of the ring.

Winner and the man who will headline WM29 to face John Cena ...STILL the WWE Champion: The Rock

See? ....even the WWE 13 video game knows The Rock will win tonight. (ha ha)

*Possible Aftermath??*

Lights go out and then come back on and The Shield is in the ring beating the Holy Hell out of The Rock. John Cena comes down to make the save only to get beaten up as well. CM Punk is in the middle of the ring watching this and laughing, then all of a sudden the lights go out again but this time a "GONG" goes off when it comes back on! Undertaker appears in the ring staring a hole through CM Punk! (Crowd goes NUTS!!) CM Punk falls out of fright and high-tails it out of the ring and up the ramp like he just saw a ghost.

Taker then turns his attention to the Shield and takes them all out one by one. Rollins and Ambrose get double Choke-Slammed while Reigns looks to put up a challenge and Irish-whips Taker, he counters and ends up giving Reigns the Big Boot. Taker calls for the Tombstone (The roof has blown off!) CM Punk looks on as the Undertaker Tombstones Reigns in the middle of the ring and then his music hits as he stares straight up the ramp at Punk. Rock and Cena are laying outside, beaten and battered as they look on in the ring at Taker. Taker's lights hit and the crowd is ecstatic as the Pay-Per-View goes off the air.

Well there you have it folks. Hope it wasn't too long of a Blog. Those are my WWE 13 predictions for tonight's Elimination Chamber. Will most of these outcomes happen tonight?
Post your thoughts below.