Adam wilkinson

Another Cena Heel-Turn Theory... Why Not?

There have been conflicting reports this week about whether the 6-man tag match between The Shield and The Superheroes will take place inside the Elimination Chamber. Ryback and have both said that the match will take place in the Chamber, but it hasn’t been advertised on TV and reports claim the idea has been scrapped. If the match takes place within the Elimination Chamber (and even if it doesn’t) I think this is a perfect opportunity to turn John “I’ll always be a Good Guy” Cena heel; by revealing him as the leader of The Shield.

Just envision it. The Shield has a 2 on 1 advantage oover Sheamus, and begins the beatdown. They’re about to put him away when The Ryback joins the battle. It’s 2-2 and the war wages on. The Shield finally takes a 3-2 advantage and the numbers game is too much for an already fatigued Sheamus and Ryback. Sheamus gets eliminated. It’s 3-1. Boom! John Cena enters the fray and the crowd goes ballistic. Boom! Ryback and Cena stand tall against The Shield, ready to fight. Boom! John spins Ryback around and kicks him in the gut. Boom! A vicious FU. The match is thrown out, but to The Shield, and their leader, Justice has been served.

The Shield are all about ‘Justice’, but what if their perverted ‘Justice’ is John Cena as WWE champion? John Cena had been on somewhat of a downward spiral prior to his Royal Rumble win. He lost to CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, DZ and, of course, The Rock. And he became the first person to ever lose while cashing in MitB. Add all those loses to the constant boos, and you have a great kayfabe reason for him to go heel. His focus is on the WWE Title and he’ll do anything to get and get his revenge on The Rock, including setting up CM Punk up for the fall. This would set up a great match between an extremely over Rock and an extremely hated John Cena w/ The Shield at WrestleMania. Which I think would be much more interesting the their “Once in a Lifetime” match last year.

Now I know everyone says that Cena will never turn heel because he’s the face of the company, but I believe that the WWE has enough backup, especially with The Rock and Brock Lesner, that it allows for him to switch. Also, Ryback and Sheamus are huge faces at the moment, and CM Punk may be on the brink of turning, if he’s facing Brock at Mania (if Undertaker can’t go). I can’t believe that the WWE would give us the same WrestleMania main event without something big being different, and this would take the cake. John Cena v. The Rock is going to be absolutely detestable if they don’t add something to this match.

We all know Cena is going to win, but wouldn’t it be great if we came out of the Road to WrestleMania with a wildly different WWE landscape then we entered with? Wouldn’t John Cena leading The Shield be a great way for The Shield to get heat from the IWC and for Cena to heat from the women and kids? Wouldn’t a heel John Cena as WWE Champion, with 3 major stars as his entourage give a huge rub to whoever finally beats him for the title?

All these questions answered and more, on the next Edition of Thing’s that will Never Happen. Sorry if I got your hopes up :-/