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After the IOC has decided NOT to have wrestling at the Olympics; I thought I'd put up a list of former Olympians who would become professional wrestlers:

Kurt Angle: Won gold at 1996 Olympics in freestyle wrestling. (I will probably call freestyle wrestling, "freestyling" because I won't be stuffed writing two words instead of one lol).

Dale Lewis: Competed for US in wrestling in 1956 and 1960 Olympics, but didn't place.

Naoya Ogawa: Won Silver Medal in Judo at the 1992 Olympics representing Japan. Unfortunately did not place in 1996.

Hiroshi Hase: Came 9th in Greco-Roman wrestling at Olympics in 1984.

Verne Gagne: Was selected for the 1948 US Olympic team, but unfortunately the US pulled out.

Joe Scarpello: Same as Verne.

Yoshi Yatsu: Did not place in 1976 or 1980 though he was a part of Japanese wrestling team.

'Jumbo' Tsuruta: Placed 7th in Greco-Roman wrestling in 1972, representing Japan.

Mr. Saito: Competed at 1964 Olympics in Freestyle wrestling, coming 7th.

Tosh Togo: Silver medal in weightlifting at 1948 games, representing US.

Ken Patera: Competed at 1972 Olympics in weightlifting but didn't place, representing US.

Brad Rheingans: In Greco-Roman, came 4th in 1976, and was a part of the US team who boycotted the 1980 Olympics. Repped USA.

Tamon Honda: Repped Japan in three Olympics for freestyling: 1984 he came 5th, 1988 and 1992 he didn't place.

Manabu Nakinishi: Failed to place in 1992 Olympics for freestlying. Repped Japan.

Riki Chosu: Repped Japan, didn't place in 1972 Olympics for freestyling.

Dick Hutton: Was in 1948 Olympics, came 7th in freestyling.

Ed Don George: Repped US in 1928 Olympics for freestyling, came 4th.

Jorge Gonzales: Repped Argentina in 1988 games for basketball. You may know him as Giant Gonzales.

Giant Silva: Repped Brazil in 1988 games for basketball. Didn't place.

Earl McCready: Repped Canada in freestyle in 1928, failed to place.

Mad Dog Vachon: Came 7th in 1948 Olympics in freestyling, repped Canada.

Danny Hodge: Repped USA in 1952, but didn't place in freestyling. He won silver at 1956 Olympics in freestyle, also competed in Greco-Roman.

Bob Roop: Repped USA, finished 7th in 1968 Olympics for freestyling.

Chris Taylor: Repped USA in freestyling in 1972 but won Bronze.

Bad News Brown: Repped USA, competed in judo and won a bronze in 1976.

Mark Henry: Came 10th in 1992 Olympics for weightlifting, didn't place in 1996.

Frank Andersson: Won bronze at 1984 Olympics in freestyling. Repped Sweden.

Karl Gotch: Freestyle & Greco in 1948 Olympics, didn't place, repped Belgium.

Bobby Pearce: Won gold in 1928 and 1932 at rowing, single sculls. Repped Australia.

Greg Wojciechowski: Repped US in freestyle in 1980, but didn't compete due to US boycotting.

Iron Sheik: Competed in wrestling for 1968 Olympics, representing Iran. Was assistant coach for US 1972 wrestling team.
It's a damn shame...
  • February 13, 2013
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Justin Barr
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