Adam wilkinson

Team Cena Vs. Team Shield… Why?

We’ve all seen and read a good number of blogs now regarding everyone’s fighters for injustice, The Shield. Me? I’m a fan. Well, that wavered a bit when I thought they were gonna attack my main man Mick “HOF” Foley, but they didn’t, so we’re still cool.

They have been a breath of fresh air in WWE. It’s been the same old same old in WWE for too long. Cena wins a match; Sheamus wins a match, etc. etc. The only heel who gets a win lately in WWE is Punk. The faces have been going over for too long. I guess I could be biased, because I prefer heels, but in my opinion, heels are better and should go over once in a while.

That being said, I like what they are doing with the Shield. They were revealed to be being paid by Heyman and Punk, but they never officially said that Heyman and Punk are in charge of, or responsible for The Shield.

I know I’m being a bit picky, but technically, they said “Has the Shield been on your payroll?” but never asked Heyman “Are you responsible for The Shield?” which is different in my book. That being said, they should keep it so that they just answer to whoever pas them the most, they make their own rules. Having someone be responsible for them seems pointless to me.

Individually, they look like they will be big name superstars for years to come. Out of the 3, I think Roman Reigns could have the brightest future. I only say that cos he looks good in the ring, plus he is part of the Anoa'i family. Not saying that Ambrose and Rollins won’t be great, they will, just Reigns impresses me more at the moment.
However, like a lot of things at the moment, WWE are building something up, to inevitably knock it down again, as usual. They have done the same with Rhodes Scholars and about to with Team Hell No, make them good teams to separate them, but that’s for another blog at another time.

WWE has now put them in a match with unofficially called Team Cena. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus. All I can think to that is why? Why bother?

Every attack that the Shield has done on those 3 plus Orton has resulted in the Shield outmanning them and coming out on top, which works in my opinion. I’m not saying the babyfaces shouldn’t fight back, but it makes for great TV to see the top guys lying after the triple power bomb.

So, why put them in a match? Especially in a match where they are only going to lose? Why put them in a match with Cena? Nobody beats Cena. Any opponents of Cena would flatten the man with a tank only for him to kick out again anyway. For some reason, the guy never loses. Apart from 3 times last year when hell froze over…

It can’t make the Shield look good if they lose. They are being put in a no win situation, literally, and it only leads to a dead end. Cena wouldn’t lose to them at any time of year, even 3 on 1, but he especially won’t lose in on the Road to Wrestlemania.

It looks to me like they are trying to once again shoot themselves in the foot. At least TNA have kept Aces and Eights going longer and it still works…

I’m not saying don’t put The Shield in a match, it’s just the wrong one. Having them interfere in people’s matches may be running its course, but there are other ways to go with this before they destroy it.

But hey, as long as somebody makes Super Cena look good, that’s all that matters, right WWE?