Adam wilkinson

Is This Jack Swagger's Time?

The All-American American, Jack Swagger. We all know Swagger for his creepy smile, his single piece ring attire, his push ups, and his wrestling background. Well, Jack Swagger has made his return to the WWE, but this time, he is more serious than usual and now is more focused and more dangerous than ever.

Before his leave of absence, Jack Swagger was becoming the laughing stock of WWE (that title currently belongs to Tensai ). He was getting a ridiculous amount of losses in a row to people like Brodus Clay. It was really sad to see this happen, especially to a former World Heavyweight Champion and a former Money in the Bank winner. It was also depressing considering Jack Swagger is a pretty talented wrestler and isn’t that bad on the mic. Finally, Jack Swagger had enough and decided to take some time off. We were all wondering if this leave of absence would be the much needed turnaround that Swagger’s career needed. It was.

Jack Swagger officially returned to WWE Television this past Smackdown. He was wondering why he was not involved in talks for the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber. Eventually, he got his chance to prove himself and see if he really did turnaround. He did. His match with Kofi Kingston was a very good match, in my opinion. Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger both did some great things that made the match entertaining. I saw this as a turning point for Jack Swagger. He proved himself against Kofi Kingston in an impressive fashion.

Now, my question is, is this Jack Swagger’s time to become a World Champion again? My answer is no. Why? Well, he has not really established himself as a credible world champion contender like Sheamus and Randy Orton have. I am pretty sure a few people still view him as a jobber. I think he has to redeem himself first and pick up a string of clean victories against formidable opponents. I felt that Kofi was a good start. Now, I don’t see Jack Swagger’s time being now, but with a solid amount of clean wins against credible opponents and some more time to fix his mic work, we could be seeing Jack Swagger as a quality world champion.

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