Adam wilkinson

Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco: Welcome to Aces & Eights

What did I see when I saw Garett Bischoff? I saw a talented young superstar with a bright future ahead of him. What did I see when I saw Wes Brisco? I saw an okay young superstar who, with a bit more improvement, can be a great wrestler. Now, whenever I ask these questions to myself, what shall I get as my answer? I now see two young superstars who have taken huge jump starts in their careers and are on their way up in the company.

I am pretty sure that everyone predicted and/or knew the impending additions of Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco to Aces & Eights. We all knew it and some were even writhing with anticipation, waiting for these guys to join the biker gang powerhouse. I was one of those writhing. I never really saw Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco as exciting wrestlers. Garett Bischoff is talented, but his matches were never really that exciting. Wes Brisco, on the other hand, is not that great at wrestling and his matches weren’t very exciting. However, I believe that Bischoff and Brisco joining Aces & Eights was a solid twist (not to us) to the storyline. It did not have the same effect as Taz did, but it was still a neat thing to see. I thought the way they did the heel turn was really good. I thought it was just going to be two members of Aces & Eights were going to be unmasked by Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Now, I am curious to see what TNA has in store for Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff. They swerved the fans a bit in recent weeks with Taz, Wes Brisco, and Garett Bischoff joining, so I believe that the Aces & Eights storyline will be fresher and more entertaining than ever before. I cannot wait to see the fallout of the Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff reveal on iMPACT on Thursday.