Adam wilkinson

Royal Rumble Thoughts - Good And Bad

Having paid for the PPV, I expected to see a decent Royal Rumble event. Granted, I did read what will happen at Wrestlemania here on RSN, so I knew who was going to win, but I guess I still wanted things to end up differently.

Starting from the beginning, I do think that the Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show match was very good. Big Show does need to retire soon though. Those massive knee pads fooled nobody, those knees aren't letting the guy they kept referring to as the Giant compete much longer, but given that, the match was a good showing. The chokeslam off the entrance through the table was very impressive, although looked like ADR took the brunt of the fall on his head - excedrin headache number nine me thinks (Mick Foley reference, high five for me!) And also, this blogger is happy to admit he was wrong, the Alberto face turn had worked. Think it's more to do with Ricardo though, but it had worked.

I like Team Hell No. They are the funniest thing on the roster right now. I also like Team Rhodes Scholars, so I wouldn't have minded who won. It was a good match. Anybody else think Kane is HOF bound purely for his efforts in Royal Rumbles over the years? This blogger does.

Was not comfortable with the layout of the card though. Who decided to put the Rumble match itself before the main event?? D'oh. Didn't work. I shouldn't grumble that the Champion Punk was in the main event for once, but guys, even if it is the Rock, please don't move the match lower down the card again. Rock is Rock, Rumble is Rumble. Rumble will always be the Rumble, and for 26 years, it has been an impressive pay per view the way it is, don't change it.

As for the Rumble match itself, I don't really have too many grumbles with who was in the match, I for one was shocked to see Y2J return at number 2. He looked very impressive and was in it for a good amount of time. His feud with Ziggler looks like it still has legs. Probably only one more PPV, but still would be good to watch. Maybe after Mania, so that they don't have to mention Money in the Bank. Hopefully he would have ditched AJ and Big E by then too.

Was good to see Goldust in the Rumble. Those chants of "You still got it" were rightfully deserved, and the Brother vs. Brother thing they had going on was good to watch, and I think really built Cody's heel stature, as the boos resounding around the arena when he eliminated Goldie were almost as loud as when Cena entered.

A few issues with the match though, only 2. The first being that the match was over too quick. Whenever they make it so that the time between entrants is only 90 seconds makes the match too quick. It appeared to me and the wife that they just wanted to get that match out of the way so they could get on with Rock vs. Punk.

The other issue was, obviously, the winner. Now, I'm not into bashing Cena, but my god WWE, how many times are you going to try to shove this guy down our throats? It's been ten years already! Enough! You were finally doing something right with having a long term Champion, and a heel one at that. It's as if you all sat in a meeting, looked at the ratings and thought "Right. How do we make the ratings drop and really annoy the fans?" "How about make Cena champ?" Good idea.... not.

I strongly feel like they are taking all the work that they have done with CM Punk ang slapping him in the face with it. If you are going top make Punk drop the belt, fine, but making it so Cena wins the belt at Wrestlemania and making Punk another potential victim to the Streak? Not good business.

Sure Punk should drop the belt, that's what Champions do, but at least let him drop the belt at Mania to someone who deserves it and won't be an overrated 11 time Champion. Does Cena need to be an 11 time Champion? I suppose you could ask whether HHH needed to be Champion that many times, or even Nature Boy with his 16 times, but at least fans respected them. Hell, even Hogan was respected in the 80s when he was Champ all the time, bet you never heard Hogan sucks then, huh?

You're backing the wring horse there, WWE. Again.

One question, does WWE creative think we're all morons? They billed last years Rock vs Cena match as "Once in a Lifetime" so are they to bill this one as "Twice in a yeartime"? Don't think I'll be paying for that PPV this time.

As for the main event, well, I for one thought it was pretty good, all things considered. Considering that the Rock was going over. Now, I'm not saying that as an anti Rock guy, cos I'm far from that. I'm a buig fan, I have at least 4 of his films on dvd, and I'm sure I'll have more. He will make money for WWE. I'm saying it as more of a Punk guy.

The match went well and both guys looked really good. You could tell the table broke by accident, but being the pros they are, they worked around it. Heyman was awesome, as usual. As for the Shield, why could they have not got involved in the Rumble?

Another positive from the PPV was the commentary team, especially JBL. Its been said before that the commentary is just as difficult as competing, but those 3 made it look easy. I think the best color commentators are heels, and JBL is a commentary god. There, I said it. His blatant two faced approach to The Rock match was pure brilliant. On Punk's side one second, worshipping The Rock next. Outstanding.

One final note, is there nothing Kofi Kingston can't do? That guy is amazing! Using the chair as a pogo stick? Granted, it brought him 10 more seconds, but still worth it! I smell another OMG Slammy for him....

All in all, a PPV which was ruined by the winner of the Rumble. I think if WWE wants to lose PPV buys for Wrestlemania, they've certainly lost mine.