Adam wilkinson

I Am A 3 Man Joke BABY

3MB Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, and Heath Slater. I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW JUST STARTING THIS.

Slater would be a great addition to the tag team division only if that's what we would get, but we don't and can't. Slater would also be a decent singles wrestler on the main mid card if the WWE creative team would actually write something worth a crap. When Slater was in the Nexus and Coore he would be a certain mouth piece at times and get a spot to show his talent, but it never really took off. I feel that Slater would be a great mid carder if it was wrote correctly. Slater has the potential to become even a IC title holder at times and have some good matches with the like of the Miz, Kofi and others. WWE I feel is wasting his talent right now as this crap gimmick and stupid antics. I wish that the WWE would actually do something worth a crap with this guy or just let him go.

Jinder Mahal this guy I really don't have alot to say, but if this guy would of been around WWE in the time of The Shiek and Slaughter than this guy would of worked. With the world at the main brink of war and at war with smaller countries Jinder would of been right there with the heat these WWE HOFER's had gotten. WWE creative started strong with him and dropped the ball right away with superstars that he was pitted against and then crushed by. I feel that the WWE has always had the main heat with the likes of the india, iran and other main against the us types of talents then why not start some major deal like that again and use this guy to start it.

Drew McIntyre the so called The Chosen One WHAT THE F happened here with this guy? WWE has so buried this guy to the depths of the basement when it comes to talent. Drew was the IC champion and ran a good deal of his career on Smack down showing the main reason why is was called the Chosen One. On 25 September, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, in character, introduced McIntyre as a "future World Champion" that he had personally signed after which Truth made a return attack against McIntyre. Now we all have seen that this never really come true. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Drew has the right thing to become one of the top stars either in the main mid card or even the main stage, but with the direction he has been put in his whole reason of being a WWE wrestler looks meek.

Now before I get nasty comments by the people who love the WWE 3MB gimmick wait. I love the gimmicks that WWE or any other company pulls, but this one here is in the lower end of the standards of fans watching. Joking thru the promo's and on tv is embarrassing. Drew would be better off turning on Slater and Mahal adn start a major come back and if he's going to do this it's time to do this NOW. That's my short yell at the crap gimmick known as 3MB.