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Now onward to Wrestlemania

Now that The Royal Rumble is finally said and done we must now focus on the next milestone pay per view for WWE which is the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

The obvious happened The Rock has beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship and now he must survive the elimination chamber or a rematch with CM Punk, Personally I would prefer a rematch against Punk, because I believe their match at the Royal Rumble was good but not great and I believe they both have it in them to pull off a great match.

If this does happen I don’t see CM Punk regaining his WWE Championship at Elimination chamber I see him losing the match but not by pinfall, I see him losing by a count out, interference or a disqualification.

Where does Cena fit in all this you ask? Well I think we won’t be seeing Punk v.s Undertaker at this years Wrestlemania maybe next year, I see it being The Rock v.s CM Punk v.s John Cena, because this way WWE is not going back on their ‘Once in a Lifetime’ line, and we also have Punk where he deserves to be which is in the Wrestlemania spot light.

Once again if this we’re to happen I see Cena winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, because Punks time as champion is over for now, he needs a break of being champion, and The Rocks time as WWE Champion is very limited as he probably won’t be able to attend all the Raw live shows and not to mention the tours. Another reason I see them putting Punk into the match is I’ve noticed with all of Rocks matches, he gets tired very easily and very quickly, I was waiting for him to cough up a lung when he was facing CM Punk, so adding a third person to the mix will give The Rock some breathing space while the match is going on.

As for the World title, that right now is a wildcard I cannot even try to predict what will happen with Alberto Del Rio, maybe Ryback will be involved somehow? Because usually the last person eliminated in the Royal Rumble goes for the other championship at Wrestlemania for example Royal Rumble 2005 last two participants were Batista and John Cena, Batista won, and the Wrestlemania Main events were Batista v.s Triple H, John Cena v.s JBL.

One thing I truly believe will be on the Wrestlemania card and I’m very happy and proud to say this is
Chris Jericho v.s Dolph Ziggler
As for this match I have a good idea on how they can make it very personal and very heated quite quickly, have these two go back and forth till Elimination Chamber pay per view. Then after World title match whether it’s in the chamber or not have Dolph cash in his money in the bank contract, and while the match against the champion is underway have Chris Jericho come out and distract, interfere, or attack Ziggler and ruin his chances of winning the World title.

Think of how furious Ziggler would be, holding that contract for just under a year to be screwed out of It, that right there would be the beginning of a great match up and a great fued.

Who the Undertaker will be facing I do not know, personally no one comes to mind, Lesnar is too wreckless and even the WWE media has even pointed that out, The Rock and CM Punk are being used up, it could be Punk but I don’t see WWE going back on their whole Once in a lifetime match up, and the only way I can sort of see them avoiding that is adding Punk.

Triple H is having a rematch with Brock Lesnar by the looks of it, which I currently have mixed feelings about, I think once was enough but it could be worse.

For now though those are my current thoughts on Wrestlemania, if it does turn out like that I think I will be quite interested in it, especially Jericho and Ziggler.

If you have any thoughts or predictions of your own post them below.

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