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Hey guys how’s it going? Before we get started I wanted to apologize for my absence as of late. I’ve just been incredibly busy and have had to deal with some personal issues. It’s unfortunate but I’m back and ready to tackle my next topic. That topic is the 2013 Royal Rumble and we are now less than 48 hours away from the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. These next four months are the best time of year for WWE fans as Vince and co. always seem to step up their game when it comes to storylines and matches. It’s just a shame that they put that much effort into the months leading up to Mania, yet after it’s over it’s back to the same old recycled crap. I don’t get it and maybe I never will. But besides that, I do always look forward to the Rumble and this year is no different. With that being said here are my predictions for this year’s PPV.

Pre-Show Match for the United States Championship
The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro(c)

I’m glad that this is a pre-show match just for the simple fact this feud just got started. Had it been going on for a month or so, then I’d say ok put it on the actual card. Miz has been fairing relatively well as a face thus far and with his newly acquired figure four leg lock, we’ll see if he can bring home gold. Cesaro on the other hand has been a great US Champion. He’s extremely impressive and deceivingly strong. I expect him to retain but watch out for the feud to continue.

Tag Team Championship Match
The Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No(c)

These two teams have been at each other’s throats for a couple of months now. So with that being said, I cant help but have high hopes for this match. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow have developed into a very nice tag team and I think tomorrow night is when they finally cash in and become the new tag team champions. On the flip side Kane and Daniel Bryan have been great as a tag team. I haven’t been this entertained by a tag team in quite some time. Unfortunately, I think Team Hell No is at the end of their rope. While they’ll put on a good showing, I believe the Rhodes Scholars will end up leaving Phoenix with some copper, I mean gold.

Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio(c)

Is anyone else enjoying Alberto Del Rio as a face? Because I think his recent turn has re-engerized him in the ring. He’s been busting out moves left and right as of late that I didn’t know he had in him. A well-earned World Heavyweight Championship victory a few weeks ago has led us to tomorrow night. Big Show has a chance to win back the World Heavyweight Championship the same way in which he lost it; in a last man standing match. I expect to see a quality match with Alberto Del Rio continuing to flourish as a babyface but Show will make a serious push for the strap. Unfortunately for the big man, he’ll come up just a little bit short. Also be on the lookout for some possible post-match activity with Dolph Ziggler. In my opinion I don’t think he’ll cash in for at least a couple more months.

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs. CM Punk(c)

This contest has been hyped for some time now, and other than the Rock/Cena match from last year, this has to be one of the biggest matches in recent memory. I’ve really enjoyed the buildup to this match and both men have been stellar on the mic for the past few weeks. Punk’s reign has been nothing short of remarkable, but this will be his toughest test yet. The Great One promised to win the title one more time and while I do think it will happen, I don’t think it’ll be tomorrow night at the Rumble. Even though The Shield has been banned from ringside, expect some interesting things to take place during the latter part of the match. In the end, Punk retains and continues his historic reign.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner gets a WWE or World Title Match at Wrestlemania

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. The one night of the year in WWE where 30 men have hopes and dreams of wrestling on the biggest stage, under the brightest lights for a chance to stake their claim to greatness. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been this pumped for the Royal Rumble match itself. Be on the lookout for some familiar faces who apparently will be surprise entrants in tomorrow night’s extravaganza.

Personally I’m hoping to see a few guys who were great midcarders but unfortunately were never utilized properly. With this year’s Rumble having 17 confirmed entrants so far, that leaves the door wide open for a number of possibilities among the remaining 13. I haven’t given it much thought as to who I think will win it this year. When I tell you that I honestly can’t make up my mind and pick a winner for this year’s Rumble, I’m dead serious. My gut is telling me that SuperCena is going to snake this one and I hope to hell I’m wrong because he really doesn’t need to win it twice. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Sheamus repeated although I wouldn’t be happy about it. So I’m going to go with a wild card and pick Wade Barrett. He’s the current Intercontinental Champion and I have a hunch that 2013 is going to be his breakout “season” if you will. I know it’s a long shot but sometimes you’ve just got to take a shot in the dark.

The Royal Rumble is less than 48 hours away from Phoenix, Arizona and you best believe the crowd will be red hot all night long. Will there be some surprises along the way? If so then who? Will we see some familiar faces or even the debut of a new superstar? You never know what will happen at the Rumble and that’s what I love about it. The Road to Wrestlemania begins in the desert and by the end of the night, a certain superstar’s career will change forever.

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