Adam wilkinson

The shield needs more...

Ok, over the last few however long they've been here, the shield has become quite the bore. When they first arrived on the scene I was very happy for them and excited because it was something new. New superstars, new gimmicks, didn't know what to expect. But as of late, they're coming out and beating up the babyfaces and fighting for "injustice" has become stale very fast. We need more than just attacks on people and weird/boring/makes no damn sense at all promos.

Maybe WWE should give us a twist and have them attack both heels and babyfaces, Then we won't know whose side they really are on. I mean the attacks are sooooo obvious you ALWAYS know when they're coming or at least can guess. Or at least stop going after the obvious people or helping the ones who don't need it. Ex: Punk, Barrett. They're big boys and can handle themselves.

To strive and be successful, they need to stand out more and be different and not become another one of "those groups". You know the guys that come and go, do the same crap we've already seen time and time again. So when the come on tv we're not like "oh, its just them again". the shield needs to do a real actual promo in front of a live audience and not on a cam that looks like it came from a drift shop around the corner. The effects are horrible and the words they say are even worse. The acting isn't all that great either, Rollins looks high, Ambrose looks like he overdosed on ecstasy (always licking his lips and starring deep into the camera lens...creepy) and Reigns just seems as if he doesn't even want to be there.

Also, they need to establish one true leader for the group. A speaker, a mentor kinda thing, ones to tell them what to do and when to do it. Is it Ambrose or is it Rollins? My pick goes to Ambrose but sometimes Rollins is the one leading the way. Or could it just be that Reigns is quiet dictator, who knows?

Also, each member needs a few singles matches on RAW or SD, I mean they've only had ONE freaking match since arriving here. Let us see what they can do on their on. Let them grow apart a little. Or something I thought would be cool ( even though its been done a billion times) is two of them holding the tag titles while the other is either U.S or I.C champ. They're obviously not gonna get near the big titles anytime soon, so why not?.

And lastly, if WWE doesn't plan on doing anymore with this group than what they have been doing, than just break them up and let them be on there own. I choose Ambrose to be the first succeed, and if Rollins stops over acting, then his time will come. I haven't seen much of Reigns, but I don't really see him holding any major titles in his future. But whose to say? That could always change.