Adam wilkinson

It's Alive! The Revival of Aces & Eights

In one of the best swerves in years, Taz has officially become a member of the rogue biker gang, Aces & Eights.

In what we all thought was going to be a terrible segment, and it was, until we saw the unexpected happen.

So, overall, before the wedding, Impact was nothing special and it was bad as it usually is. The wedding came up. The wedding was a pretty ridiculous idea, in my opinion, and we all knew it'd be pretty bad. Now, one interesting thing to notice was that Aces & Eights had not appeared for the whole show, so we could expect them for the wedding.

We see the bridesmaids (Miss Tessmacher, Mickie James, Christy Hemme) and the groomsmen (Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley, Taz)walk down the ramp. Now we see Brooke Hogan walking down the ramp to her fiance, Bully Ray. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hulk Hogan comes out and agrees to walk her down the aisle. I really liked this moment and I don't know why. I think I did just because it was a feel good moment.

She eventually reached the ring and they did the usual wedding stuff. After that, we saw Taz take the mic and ask Bully Ray if he was really sure he wanted to do this. He said yes. Then, Taz asked them if anyone else felt it was hot in there. That is when the big moment happened. We saw Taz reveal that he was a member of Aces & Eights by wearing an Aces & Eights vest. Suddenly, Aces & Eights storms the ring and attacks Bully Ray, Spike Dudley, Hulk Hogan, Tommy Dreamer, and Sting, who tried to help clear out Aces & Eights. This all happened while Mike Knox and D.O.C. forced Brooke Hogan to watch.

This was incredible. It was a swerve that NO ONE could've before the show. We all knew something would go wrong, but Taz being revealed as a member of Aces & Eights was completely unexpected. This revelation brings new life into a storyline-grown-stale. This gives us the opportunity to find out why Aces & Eights is attacking and why they keep doing it, especially since they now have a guy who can be a mouthpiece, Taz. This also leads for more interesting opportunities for Taz in commentary and Gutcheck, as we could see Taz be the tiebreaker judge and he could say, "If you join Aces & Eights, I'll say yes." That'd be sweet. As for commentary, I do not believe we've seen Taz as a heel commentator, so I'd be really curious to see it.

This twist opens up many opportunities for both Taz and Aces & Eights. This is one of TNA's best ideas in awhile and I will give them props for this for a long time.