Adam wilkinson

Raw 20th: What a Train Wreck

Sorry for being EXTREMELY late on this review blog. I have been pretty busy with school and all.

Anyways, I really am jealous of the people who DID NOT catch Raw's 20th Anniversary this past Monday. Why? Well, Raw 20th was an absolute monstrosity. This seemed like a normal episode of Raw to me.

The opening promo with Big Show interrupting Vince McMahon was pretty bad. It was boredom until Alberto Del Rio came out. Del Rio had some good insults and I really enjoy Del Rio as a face. It works well. I thought Del Rio did a great job, but I still felt this was a pretty weak segment.

Next was Wade Barrett versus Randy Orton in a non-title match. This match was meh and was the usual in WWE standards. I really liked the fact that Barrett won and it is really helping out Orton's heel turn. The match itself was bad, but the result was good.

The best part about Raw was easily the return of Dr. Shelby. This segment was the epitome of hilarious. The interaction between Dr. Shelby, Kane, and Daniel Bryan was great as usual, and when Team Rhodes Scholars was introduced, it just got insane. This was the best match/segment of the new year and I really hope we can see more Dr. Shelby in the future.

Next up was Kane versus Damien Sandow. This match felt really short and was overall uninteresting.

I was really annoyed with this segment. The really annoying part was that there were no unannounced legends. I mean, we saw Ryback, Randy Orton, and Sheamus come out to save Mick Foley from the Shield. Why not some legends? Why not DX or something? This was the most disappointing segment of the night.

I am going to be honest here, the Divas Title match was the best of the night. This Divas Title match felt MUCH longer than your everyday WWE quality divas match. This one had some quality wrestling in it by both Eve and Kaitlyn. And Kaitlyn's spear at the end was insane. It was one of the best spears I've seen in awhile, to be honest. And Eve did a great job at selling it. It was Eve's last one, and she did a good job in this one.

After a solid divas match, we go to a crappy match featuring Brodus Clay. What a monstrosity. Brodus Clay did nothing exciting while CM Punk tried to make it somewhat entertaining. Overall, terrible match. Just terrible.

Filler! 3MB versus Sheamus in an Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge was stupid. 3MB did win and I was happy about that, then their credibility was smushed with a Brogue Kick. I will admit, the Brogue Kick was very good, though.

Another terrible segment. I hate how much the Miz tries to be a face, because he is the worst face on the WWE roster (Not in wrestling ability, just having the character). And the little spoiler giving it away was stupid. Let us be surprised. And the fact that Miz did the Figure Four was stupid. The woo-off was also pretty dumb. The only good part about this segment was Antonio Cesaro interrupting it.

Daniel Bryan versus Cody Rhodes was the same idea as Kane versus Damien Sandow. It was really short and not very exciting.

John Cena versus Dolph Ziggler. This match was a pure case of deja vu. John Cena kicking out of every single finishing maneuver Dolph Ziggler hit him with. And one measly Attitude Adjustment gives Cena a win. Crap.

The Rock Concert was hilarious. His jokes about Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman were awesome. The brawl was neat too. This segment just got me much more excited for their match at Royal Rumble.

So, Raw 20th was mediocre at best. The lack of legends was immense and when there was a legend, it was expected and not a fun surprise.