Adam wilkinson

Swerve Yet Again

Holy bat poop batman. The human submission machine TAZ joins Aces and Eights. I didn't see that coming at all. Now that's a big punch in the face of wrestling fans damn near as good as the Hogan joining he n.W.O

Now that TNA has stepped up their game with the A&8's story line adding in the likes of Taz and the possible entrance of MR................ Anderson where could we see this headed. I'm thinking a complete take over of the company as we know it. The story line has gone stale until tonight. Is Taz the president? Is Taz the main guy like Bischoff was in the n.W.o Where does Mr............. Anderson fall into all of this? Is Mr....... Anderson just a mole to get inside of the minds of A&8's. What about the rumored return of Juda El Mesias is he a member. Well all our questions will soon be answered in the following weeks.

I have one issue. Hogan has taken more bumps in the last 5 years than Taz. Hell Flair has taken MORE bumps in the past 5 years than Taz. Is this the return of the Tanzanian as we know it. To have the very brother of ECW turn his back on Bubba with other ECW family right there. I myself saw Devon being a problem child tonight during the so- called wedding. Where will Bubba go from here. I myself should of seen something here when they kept that crapping announcer on the mic with Mike and Taz. DAMN!

Bubba is going to be hell bent on revenge for this one. Are we going to see a small ECW family reunion AGAIN to battle A&8's. Could we see a lethal LOCKDOWN with Bubba, Sting, Runt and Dreamer vs Taz and A&8's. My main question I want answered is where is Mr............ Anderson in all of this for sure. Taz where do you get in the TNA company with this turn. Taz making a come back to wrestling for how long and WHY?

We thought Hogan was pissed off about Bubba and Brooke sh** he's red hot now with the turn of Taz. Will we see more former guys returning to join or will we see the TNA roster take out A&8's in the next few PPV'S. I'm betting on Lockdown being the main stage for this to erupt. Is Hogan going to be back in the ring again to do battle for his daughter. Where does this leave the gut check segment now without Taz, Enter D'lo Brown now psssss.

With the battle lines drawn now and its ECW family spilling the blood from the challis on the ECW mantle will this be the beginning of a major long feud between Bubba and the A&8's ( I mean Taz ) Where does this leave Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff on turning to the A&8's side.

With Kurt angle out of the picture where does that put him once he returns, Wait will we see the return of JJ anytime soon in this build of lines that have been drawn. What if D'lo Brown is a member too? I guess TNA really did pull the cover over our eyes with this one here.

Stay tuned for the build towards Lockdown. Watch next week as Bubba, Hogan, Sting, Dreamer, Runt, Brooke, Mike Tenay and Dixie Carter try and get some answers on this one. You damn well know this is going to bring about the return of more ECW and maybe former WWE and WCW guys in the mix of this story.

So in ending of this short questionnaire CLAP CLAP CLAP GOOD JOB ON THIS ONE TNA GOOD JOB.

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