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Dolph Ziggler is certainly an up and coming star for the WWE. He has worked hard at his craft and has earned the respect of a lot of fans and wrestlers and he has put on some good matches. As reported here on RSN there are talks of turning Ziggler into a face character, but is this a good idea?

Since switching from a spirit squad member to the Ziggler character he has been strictly a heel. Most of his time so far he has also had a manager to help get him over more as a heel in the likes of Vicky Guerrero and currently AJ Lee. He also started with Maria as his valet as well. While with Vicky she did a lot of the talking with him injecting comments here or there until the last few months when he started talking more and really started to show off his mic skills a little bit more. The more he talks the more he does a better job getting over as a heel. He has certainly stepped up his game since becoming Mr. Money in the Bank as well. When I look at his current character overall I still see a lot of growth as a heel to come and I think the WWE needs to be careful making the change to a face so soon. While he has been in the Ziggler character for a few years now, it wasn't until recently that he really started to shine and get a much more superstar role in the WWE. I think the WWE needs to keep as a ziggler much longer to further develop his character more. He doesn't need to be stuck in the same role for life like John Cena is but in time he could be a huge money maker for them and I wouldn't want to see them blow it so soon. They need to learn from current situations like the Miz. They are trying to turn him face and at least in my opinion it isn't really working well as I just don't see him getting over as well. I would be sad to see that happen to Ziggler as well.

When I think about the possibilities of his character being a face i don't think they will be as high as if he stays a heel. Only time will tell but I could see great things for Ziggler in the future. Given the skills I see so far if they were to turn him face however I hope they do it in a much better way then they are working with the Miz and even Sheamus right now. Sheamus is getting over more than the Miz but I don't really feel either is really getting over as well as expected as a face right now. Ziggler could outshine them both but I think it needs to wait. I would rather see Dolph finally cash in his MITB briefcase and be a heel champ for awhile first before even considering the change to a face. The crowd can be heard cheering for Ziggler at times so I think he is getting over well with the WWE fans and I can see them wanting to turn that into money but I think its too soon. If I were to choose a path for him it would be to stay as a heel for now and go down the path of a Randy Orton who no matter what side he is on gets over with the crowd and is a fan favorite. However I think he could be better than Orton down the line.

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