Adam wilkinson

Are WWE Taking The Hall Of Fame Seriously Enough?

There seems to be an awful lot of rumours around at the moment about who is going in to this year’s Hall of Fame.
Granted, at the moment they are just rumours, but let’s work on the assumption that most of the rumours are in fact true.
First of all, I believe that Wrestling Hall of Fames are for people who truly deserve to be inducted. Either having changed wrestling as we know it during their time, or in cases like Edge and Eddie, having their careers cut short in their primes, knowing they would have gone on to be even more bigger name than they already were.

Passed names who have been inducted have truly deserved to be in it, the likes of Verne Gagne with the AWA, Antonino Rocca, Ric Flair of course, Andre the Giant, the first and no doubt best giant in WWE. Even people who didn’t compete in ring, i.e. James Dudley, Vincent J. McMahon, Howard Finkel (not including that bizarre Tuxedo Match though).

However, recent times it appears to this blogger that the names being thrown around now are just ludicrous. I know Mick Foley has been confirmed this year and rightly so. I will personally congratulate him when I meet him in May this year (really can’t wait for that!!) but some of them I do not want to see inducted, as in my opinion, they don’t deserve it. The main name rumoured is that of Kevin Nash. Yes he was in the nWo and the Kliq etc. who has also been rumoured, but he wasn’t a good wrestler, not technically speaking. That induction to me just looks like HHH is helping out his buddies.

HHH has spent a lot of time trying to convince Bruno Sammartino to be inducted, which I totally respect, both respect HHH for trying and Bruno for saying no, sticking to his principles, whether we agree with him or not is a different matter. But for HHH to do something like that and then turn around and allegedly offer Kevin Nash an induction makes the HOF look like a joke in my view. Anybody who was in WWE before can now join in.

Kamala is another rumour. He would have still been a big guy who worked a little bit if Jerry Lawler hadn’t changed his character when he was in Memphis. They turned him into the Ugandan Giant and made him a star; he then went to WWE, feuded with Undertaker for a bit, then nothing. For me, that is not Hall of Fame quality.

Now regarding the Celebrity Wing of the Hall of Fame, I do agree with that. Looking back at celebrities who have been in WWE, you can go back as far as Wrestlemania 1 and see how much of an impact the likes of Mr T and Cyndi Lauper made. Mr T has been rumoured, and despite how much of a big head he allegedly was at the time, I can see how they would induct him, bearing in mind they inducted Mike Tyson and Bob Uecker for their input into Wrestlemanias, plus other reasons. AS for Cyndi Lauper, the Wendy Richter vs. Leilani Kai match was damn good at Wrestlemania 1 and she should be inducted (if not already)

This all being said, whoever does make the decision as to who to contact to invite into the HOF should really have a sit down and think about how things look if some people mentioned do get inducted. As stated, it looks like HHH wants to induct his friends. That may not be the case, but it shouldn’t look he is.

Well then, who should be inducted? There are the obvious answers, i.e. people whose families have said no, Macho Man Randy Savage, Owen Hart and British Bulldog. But I believe there are cases for other people who as far as I know haven’t been mentioned:

Vincent K. McMahon.
Without him, there would be no WWE, simple.

Lord Alfred Hayes.
Great wrestler in his time and pioneer of commentator/backstage interviewer segments which are used tons in shows today.

William Regal
This guy has held over 60 Titles in his career, not necessarily world Titles, but 60 is a huge number, plus he has trained (or be involved in the training of) CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to mention a few.

Andy Kauffman
I have already agreed with others on RSN who have stated that Andy Kauffman should be inducted into the Celebrity wing too. It was after all he and Jerry Lawler who started the whole “bringing celebrities in” thing anyway.

As stated, WWE needs to look at who is being suggested, rumour or not, before this gets out of control and dare I say a joke…