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With the TNA Genesis pay-per-view just a couple hours away, I figured I would put in my two cents before we go live. Below are the matches with my picks. Feel free to post yours below.

* Mickie James vs. ODB vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky - TNA has done a pretty good job with giving these girls the proper time needed to help storylines and matches develop, unlike the competing brand (WWE). Mickie James & Velvet Sky have both recently returned to the TNA scene, while former TNA Knockouts Champions Miss Tessmacher & Gail Kim have been put on the back burner, and OBD has been trying to find Eric. The only logical pick for this match would have to be one of the two returning Knockouts. My pick: Velvet Sky.

* Devon vs. Joseph Park - Joseph Park has been trying to get payback with the Aces & 8s for some time now. This will be his first match since going to OVW for "training". My pick: Joseph Park.

* Kenny King vs. Christian York - Kenny King seems to be approaching a heel character for TNA. It would only make sense for him to get the victory tonight to face RVD later in the show. Heel vs. Face is a majority of the bookings in most organizations.

* Winner of X Division Title Tourney (Kenny King) vs. RVD - I think RVD is a little "above" the X Division if you know what I mean. The guy is a former World Champion. The right thing to do would be to put the title on whoever wins the X Division title tournament.

* Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm - If I was to pick a swerve for this match, I would pick AJ returning to cost James Storm this match.

* D.O.C. vs. Sting - Sting is not known for putting younger talent over. He loves the spotlight. Seeing this is his first match back, I can see him winning this one.

* Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez - Havent really been following this one much, however Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are def the future of TNA, not the other two. My pick is Joey Ryan & Morgan over Chavo & Hernandez.

* Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy - Probably will be one of the best matches of the night. These three have been feuding for a while now. Jeff Hardy is TNA's money maker, and sells the most merchandise which benefit the company long term, however it is unsure yet if Hardy did re-sign with TNA, so this may be an opening for him to drop the title. If thats the case, my pick will be Bobby Roode.

Well that's it for my picks. We will probably see some sort of Hogan/Bully Ray confrontation again. Be sure to join us on the main page for our live results tonight at 8PM ET.


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