Adam wilkinson

It’s Fruity Pebbles all over again.

Well he did it again.
Just like last year, the Rock has subjugated the WWE’s top feud to a series of lame rhymes and childish name-calling.

Is this what we as wrestling fans want in our top feuds?
There is plenty of space for comedy in wrestling but its best utilised in the mid-low card talents and not the main eventers.
It’s been proven time and time again that serious bloodfirsty feuds are what rile up fans and make for unforgettable encounters.

Someone should explain this to Rocky as, for all intensive purposes, he has lost the ability to get himself over with fans without spouting the exact same nonsense over and over again.

People have bashed Cena for doing the same thing; his consistency to be humble in defeat and bland ‘PG’ babyface promos have been a hot target for marks for years.
However, Cena managed to bring it back round when verbally joisting with eth Rock delivering arguably his best promos of all time. Cena made you feel as if this was the most important match in history whilst the Rock joked and sang songs having realised he’d used up all his catchphrases.

Whilst I could go on bashing the Rock, I will admit the elation he generates with fans does add amazing level of excitement to his matches and his win over Cena at last years Wrestlemania was a brilliant move that injected a fresh sense of unpredictability within the WWE.

But what Rock didn’t do (or rather couldn’t) was hang with Cena on the mic. Fast-forward one year and history appears to be repeating itself with CM Punk annihilating the Rock this past RAW following a surprisingly decent match with Ryback.

Punk went on to cut a scathing, volatile promo that cut deep with fans and wrestlers alike proving yet again why he is the best talker today and arguably the greatest heel in over a decade.

And how did the Rock respond?

Months of preparation. An unstoppable heel champion. One of the biggest babyfaces of all time. It’s a simple formula that has worked for decades just on a grander scale. But what do we get?

It’s Fruity Pebbles all over again.

With that said, I’m honestly stumped as to who will win at the Rumble and will no doubt be on the edge of my seat the entire match.
Lets just hope Rock doesn’t do too much to soil the match with more lackluster promos.

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