Adam wilkinson

Rock vs. Punk! A War of Words!

The war of words between W.W.E Champion, CM Punk and, The Rock were very telling. Unlike the feud between Cena and Rock, this is a very different dichotomy. The Rock can't really play the role of 'first time back in a long time' and, CM Punk has decided not to play the role of 'I'm here full-time, your not even part-time.' CM Punk's promo towards The Rock was more of "I'm going to kick your (you know what)' and, The Rock's promo was more of a 'look how much more of a bigger deal than you, I am.' Unlike Cena vs. Rock, this feud is more, Good Guy vs. Bad Guy and, has a lot more realism to play off of, I believe. CM Punk has more of a 'chip on his shoulder' because, he wants to prove to The Rock, the W.W.E and, the fans that he "belongs" in this kind of feud. Sure he is smaller, sure he doesn't carry the same star power and, sure he doesn't use catchy one-liners. But, CM Punk offers a realistic vibe in his delivery and, is also a much more accomplished in-ring worker than Cena. For CM Punk, this feud is really about proving that he is "The Best in the World" because, being able to hang in the presence of The Rock is hard enough but, being able to show you belong is the true test.

I thought the 'war of words' between the two, showed that CM Punk not only belongs but, that if given the opportunity, Punk can flourish. The Rock's promo was fun, entertaining and, in 'Rock-like fashion' made you want to see this match. But the one thing about The Rock, is that he is very repetitive and, it's more about him getting his 'lines' in than actually telling the story. The Rock was able to get away with that kind of act against Cena because, fans were just happy to see him back and, honestly Cena was so repetitive in his words that it wasn't much of a match in the promo department. CM Punk has the ability to force Rock to step his game up and, force him to prove there is more 'substance' to his words than just, one-liners to get things "trending." CM Punk also doesn't let The Rock's jokes and, cut-downs get him scared to say what he needs to say. Unlike many others Punk showed Monday Night that he's not here to match wits with The Rock but, that he is here to bring intensity and, attitude and make The Rock's jokes look foolish. For as many times as I have found myself laughing at The Rock's jokes and one-liners, after Punk said his words, I found myself thinking how childish The Rock sounded compared, to how mature Punk sounded. I don't say this stuff because I'm a fan of CM Punk, I am a fan of The Rock too. But at the end of the night, it seemed to me that The Rock was the one who was 'out-of-touch' and, needed to bring his game up. I also though felt like Punk needed to say more to show that, he is in the same league and, to show that his promo-skills are just as good, if not better than what The Rock is offering. Because albeit short, Punk's offered more meaning but, the fact that Rock said so much, it gave you the feeling that, CM Punk got 'punk'd' by "The Great One." Punk needs to stand his ground and, not let Rock do all the talking and, show the fans that Rock is, "playing little league" while, "he's in the big leagues swinging for the fence."

The two things after Monday Night, I found myself thinking were.. This match belongs at Wrestlemania XXIX with more build-up than just 3 weeks. Also that after just one in-ring segment, I am wanting to see this match more than I did Cena vs. Rock, after a year of build. I just hope that unlike Cena vs. Rock that, this match lives up to the hype.