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Where does CM Punk fit in at this year's Wrestle Mania?

Where does CM Punk fit in at this year’s Wrestle Mania

The main event for this year’s Wrestle Mania is unknown at this point and time, but for what we do know, The Rock may very well be involved in the title picture this year.

Does The Rock deserve to be in this year’s main event, honestly I say no, but sadly I think we will be seeing The Rock close the show for a second year in a row, which his opponent could be John Cena, or it could be CM Punk and John Cena (this is my speculation only).

There are a lot of rumours going around that CM Punk could be challenging the unbroken streak this year, by saying this yes I mean The Undertaker. But how would this fued/storyline start I have no idea, because I believe if CM Punk loses his WWE Title at the Royal Rumble he would be fixated on regaining it, not challenging the streak. Maybe respect will be the reason for this match, maybe CM Punk comes out and demands respect from everyone in the WWE locker room and the fans, and the Undertaker comes out and tells Punk exactly what he deserves, thus starting the fire that would burn until Wrestle Mania.

Another one of my many speculations is that maybe CM Punk will be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania this year, maybe Lesnar/Heyman screws CM Punk over at the Royal Rumble, thus starting a Punk/Lesnar fued, I think I would be very interested in seeing that, both of these wrestlers have great wrestling ability, and Brock Lesnar being the machine that he is it would be The Best in the World verse The Unstoppable force known as Brock Lesnar.

But in my eyes and in many others I believe CM Punk deserves to close the show at this year’s Wrestle Mania, he was the WWE Champion at last year’s Wrestle Mania and he didn’t close the show, yes I understand why because The Rock and Cena’s fued was a year in the making, but CM Punk has been the WWE Champion all year and Cena has closed more Pay Per View shows then Punk this year. CM Punk has been one of the if not the hardest/biggest worker for WWE last year and half of 2011, working match after match after match, I think the least they could do is work him in the main event, because that’s where he deserves to be, closing the show on the grandest stage of them all, not taking a back seat to Cena or The Rock.

Also in saying that Punk verse Y2J last year at Wrestle Mania had a way better match then Rock and Cena.

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