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Did the Rock's Return Live Up to the Hype?

Yesterday was a huge day. It was the first Monday Night RAW and it kicked off the New Year with a bunch of mediocre matches, one great match, and a return of a major figure in WWE, The Rock.

This whole segment began with CM Punk coming out and doing, in my opinion, one of his best promos. Discussing pipebombs, the people, and much more, I could not believe I was witnessing such a great promo. It was great to see this as the opening to, in my opinion, was another stellar return by the Rock. I felt that this return had an incredibly great atmosphere. The fans were loud and the Rock got a HUGE pop. I was really happy at the crowd reaction. It is always good to see people return to a huge pop, and it was awesome to see the Rock’s return. It felt great. I could not say the same for his promo, however. It felt like the same old stuff that we usually see from the Rock. One of his insults, cookiepuss, felt incredibly PG, IMO. I was hoping to see something a bit more "risque" from the Rock or more comedic, like the Rock Concert he did to John Cena, but he just came up with crap like cookiepuss. I thought “It doesn’t matter if you matter!” or something like that. I thought that was hilarious. But the rest felt like the usual crap we hear from the Rock. I thought the Rock Bottom out of nowhere was awesome, but I felt CM Punk somewhat didn’t sell it, so it kind of killed the effect.

Now onto my primary question. Did the Rock’s return live up to the hype? I have to say yes. He truly made an impact with a huge fanbase on his side. This huge fanbase is good as it will get Punk more heat as fans of Punk may start cheering for the Rock. I thought the Rock Bottom was a great way to end Raw and I felt that his return was a success, but not as great as I expected it to be.

P.S.: The Rock mentioned Snickers with the candy part, and they have nuts. Just for the record.

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