Adam wilkinson

What if The Rock was behind The Shield

What if The Rock was behind The Shield?

Now, before I get anyone saying that would never happen, I agree with you completely I do not see this happening at all, but it was one of my random thoughts, and I thought how much it would shock the world, it would shock absolutely everyone because no one would see it coming and if they did such as me they would not believe it.

But take a moment and imagine this.

The Rock and CM Punk are going at it at the Royal Rumble, the referee has been ‘accidently’ knocked out, and out comes The Shield down the ramp way, where everybody thinks they are here to help CM Punk, they get into the ring and help CM Punk up, CM Punk Acknowledges them by patting one of them on the back, he then picks up The Rocks lain out body and attempts a GTS, then right before CM Punk executes it, The Shield pull The Rock off CM Punks shoulders and attack CM Punk, while this is all happening The Rock has stood back and watched, they do their power bomb and exit the ring but stay at ringside, The Rock, wakes the ref and does the peoples elbow and covers CM Punk for the win, The Shield then come in and hand Rock the WWE Championship and raise his hand as the declared winner.

My reasoning behind The Shield helping CM Punk retain his WWE Championship, would be that The Rock wanted to face CM Punk at the Rumble after CM Punk disrespected him at Raw 1000, so he hired The Shield to keep the title on CM Punk at all cost.

The chances of this happening are more than slim I know, more like very very slim, and it would diminish CM Punks title reign more than him losing to The Rock cleanly at the Rumble.

If you have thoughts then comment them below.