Adam wilkinson

Punk losing to Rock! Is it Really the Right Decision?

CM Punk vs. The Rock is penciled in for the Royal Rumble. A lot of people feel like it's a foregone conclusion that The Rock will end the over 400 day title reign of The Rock. I too, believe this to be the case but, I'm here to write why I don't think this is the best move for W.W.E.

When you have a heel champion who has held the Championship for as long as Punk has, it doesn't benefit your company to have him lose to a guy who is part-time and, already a huge star. As much as all of you and I love seeing The Rock back, the fact of the matter is, is that him defeating Punk at the Rumble hurts the long-term business of the W.W.E. A long title reign by a heel champion should be ended by an up-and-coming babyface, whom the fans are starting to get behind and, needs that one big win to propel them to 'Main-Event' Level status. Rock doesn't need that win and, is better suited for the role of being a "special attraction" than a "workhorse" champion for W.W.E.

W.W.E had a chance tonight to make a big star in the name of, Ryback. Ryback had lost in his previous one-on-one shot with CM Punk at Hell in a Cell. As tonight's T.L.C match went on, fans were starting to clamor for the title switch. As Ryback was climbing the ladder, you could hear the fans in a frenzy as they thought Ryback was going to finally become champion and, defeat the dastardly defiant champion known as, CM Punk. Now, there are a lot of arguments that could be made about Ryback not being ready for a title run but, there have also been many others win the title that weren't ready as well. Ryback may be "green" but, he has been booked right, when it comes to being ready to make a run at the gold. And, when it comes to long-term success, it would of been more beneficial for Punk to drop the belt to Ryback instead of The Rock.

I thought that tonight laid the landscape of things to come in the 'Championship Scene' and, while we are going to get some great promo work between Punk and Rock. We are also going to be back to where we started after Wrestlemania. W.W.E should be happy to have The Rock back but, they shouldn't have to rely on The Rock to make Wrestlemania, WRESTLEMANIA! I think W.W.E realizes they need to make new stars but, they also feel the need to cater to The Rock sometimes. The Rock as great as he is, could do more for business if he was to put Punk over at the Rumble. The Rock is in a position to really give back to the industry and, I would love to see him do that. Do I think it is going to happen? NO! But, for the long-term sake of W.W.E, I wish he would.