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Another year has come and gone and a new year has started just as quickly. While WWE in 2012 had an abundance of bright spots and once in a lifetime experiences, it also had its fair share of less than memorable moments. To be perfectly honest, there were a lot of abysmal segments, storylines and gimmicks that Vince simply could’ve done without this past year. But we all know that if father time doesn’t have it his way, then some people may lose their jobs. Despite all of the negatives that 2012 brought, there were more positives. Certain superstars broke out and made names for themselves. Whether it was by winning titles or going after the top dog in the company, these guys put everyone on notice. With that being said we’re six days into 2013, so for this blog I want to talk about a few things to watch for in the new year.

First things first, when you’re talking about what to watch for in 2013, Mr. Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler has to be at the top of the list. Dolph had a great 2012 and faced a lot of formidable opponents. He feuded with CM Punk for the WWE Championship, won the Smackdown MITB ladder match, got rid of unnecessary baggage in Vicki Guerrero, captained his Survivor Series team and won, beat John Cena in a ladder match to retain his MITB contract and to top it all off he stole AJ from Cena the same night he beat him. Talk about a laundry list of accomplishments! I mean, beating the company’s golden boy himself would’ve made Dolph’s year regardless of what else he did in 2012. So after running down his year, it’s now time to look what’s ahead for the Show Off. I see 2013 being the year of Dolph Ziggler. Whenever he decides to cash in, he WILL be successful and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. I’m also interested to see how long AJ stays with Dolph and what her role will be once he finally wins the strap. It’s going to happen folks, it’s just a matter of when and where. I’m also intrigued about who he will feud with and how long his title reign will be. Mark my words, this is the year that Dolph Ziggler will cement himself as a main-eventer.

The next thing that I will closely watch in 2013 is CM Punk’s incredible reign as WWE Champion. Which, as I write this, is now at 414 days. In 2012 Punk beat a ton of people and defended his title successfully on numerous occasions earning him the sixth longest WWE Title reign in history and the longest in the last 25 years. That stat alone speaks for the work Punk did this past year. So now that 2013 is here, one has to wonder how much longer he will remain champion. With The Rock returning to Raw tomorrow night to most likely start his feud with Punk, it’s got to be in the back of your mind whether or not Rock will be the one to take the title from him. If Punk does indeed retain at the Rumble then I for one would love to see his reign continue for as long as possible. He’s just that awesome. While I would love seeing The Rock become WWE Champion once again, if he doesn’t beat Punk, then Punk should remain champion through Wrestlemania. As long as the WWE’s most prized possession is wrapped firmly around the waist of CM Punk, 2013 should make for an interesting campaign for the best in the world.

As I close out this blog, the final thing that not just me but everyone should be watching for in 2013 is the young group of rogues known as the Shield. When they debuted back in November at Survivor Series, they made an immediate impact by destroying Ryback. Fast-forward almost three months later and they’re still wreaking havoc and decimating anyone who gets in their way. In one of my previous blogs I talked about the Shield and how I felt about them. If you recall I was sort of gushing over them like a little schoolgirl. Well, my view on the stable hasn’t changed. I think they’re awesome and their theme song is badass. But when stables form, the first thought I have is, how long will this group last? With the Shield, I feel like right now they’re at the peak. In other words the group as a whole is in its prime. We all know that they will eventually disband but for now, it’s nice seeing them right the wrongs of WWE and stop the injustice that occurs. Like Dolph Ziggler, I see 2013 being a big year for the Shield. It’ll be interesting to see their Wrestlemania buildup and who they feud with. Unfortunately for them though, I believe once Wrestlemania comes and goes so will the group. That’s why we have to enjoy them while they’re still around and kicking ass. In 2013 believe in the Shield.

I for one have a feeling that the year 2013 is going to produce a lot of surprises in WWE. With The Rock returning tomorrow night and the following week being the 20th anniversary show, wrestling fans have a hell of a lot to look forward to. The next four months are the best time of year if you’re a WWE fan. Vince always seems to step it up around Wrestlemania season so I’m sure this year will be no exception. So when you talk about WWE in 2013, there are three things that I’m going to be keeping my eyes on; Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk’s championship reign, and the Shield. How about you guys? What are some things that you will be watching for in the new year? I always look forward to your feedback!!

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