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The Perfect Time to Revamp WWE Video Games

I am a huge fan of WWE video games. My first WWE video game was one of the older WWF Gameboy Games: WWF Betrayal for Gameboy Color. The game was stupid. The whole idea behind it was completely ludicrous. The graphics were cheesy. I really hated the idea of how Stephanie was kidnapped and you had to save her. It was stupid. I never finished the game because I hated it. I was hoping to find something different whenever I played my first Smackdown vs. Raw game for Nintendo Wii: Smackdown vs. Raw 2008. Personally, I enjoyed the game and thought Career Mode was neat, but it had an insane amount of bugs and glitches that really detracted from the overall gameplay experience. The same exact idea with Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. At least Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 introduced Road to Wrestlemania which was really nice and much better than Career Mode, in my opinion. I still love the concept of Career Mode, though. I then waited until Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, which is where I was introduced to WWE Universe mode, which, in my opinion, was the best thing to happen to WWE Video Games since 2008. The idea was so unique and the execution was awesome. The game was still incredibly buggy and glitchy as all WWE games have been.

Fast forward to WWE ‘13. I really love the idea of WWE ‘13. I love the fact that they want to remember the Attitude Era by giving it its own mode and a variety of wrestlers and divas from that era, from Bret Hart to Vader, Cactus Jack to Trish Stratus. The large variety of characters is great. The WWE Universe is better than ever and the additions of King of the Ring and I Quit are awesome. Still, the same problem is occurring that is dragging down WWE games: Bugs and glitches. Everything from the laying in mid-air to walking through tables, this game is the epitome of bugs and glitches.

But now, it is the time to begin a new era. With THQ’s recent bankruptcy, we NEED to see someone new pick up the WWE series and make a new game in the series. However, what this game needs is an incredible amount of bug fixes. I honestly would not care one bit if they took two years to make a new game and make the proper bug fixes. Of course, I also would hope that this new company would give some wrestlers accessories, such as Brodus Clay’s outfit, Daniel Bryan’s jacket, and Antonio Cesaro’s jacket. These are nice little accessories that improve the atmosphere of the game, in my opinion.

I just really hope that a new company picks up the WWE game series. WWE ‘13 is a fun game. It just has too many issues at this point to be a fully enjoyable video game. The game is great, just too buggy

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