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Possible Scenarios For The Royal Rumble PPV

Firstly, this blog is by no means meant to make readers think that I find the Royal Rumble boring, or expect this Rumble to be boring. I don’t, and I can confirm that the Royal Rumble is the only PPV besides Wrestlemania that I will actually pay for.

This blog is just a simple list of scenarios which could make the Road to Wrestlemania exciting, or at least more exciting than what we are expecting.

CM Punk vs. The Rock
I was going to go with the idea of The Shield coming down to attack The Rock, costing him the match, but, that would defeat the purpose of having The Rock come back at all, so maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

The best matches in my opinion are ones which are purely decided on one vs. one and a pinfall victory. One of the best matches of 2012, which I previously blogged about was Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho on Smackdown. Nobody interfered, back and forth action with a clear winner by pinfall.

As much as I respect what the Shield is doing, albeit similar to Aces and Eights, I think they should make their impact in the Rumble match itself, not CM Punk vs. The Rock.

Who do I think should win?

CM Punk should win, or else this title reign of Punk’s will be worthless. Are they trying to imply that he beats everyone who challenges for over 400 days then just loses to The Rock? Sorry, doesn’t sit well with this blogger, no offence Rock.

Who will win? The Rock. Hopefully by countout or DQ so Punk retains, but Rock will hit the Rock Bottom in the middle of the ring for the 3 count. Any smell Rock vs. Cena 2 at Mania??

The Rumble Match Itself

Who I think should NOT win:

Randy Orton. Boring, No Charisma and he’ll probably get suspended again in 2013 if he hasn’t already.

John Cena. Do I really need to explain why?

Dolph. Purely because of AJ. I’m a big Dolph fan, but him winning would mean more of AJ in the main event and she is more annoying than the dentist. Plus cashing in MITB would prove tricky if he already loses Main Event at Mania…

Who I think should win:

Sheamus. As long as he changes to RAW to take on the WWE Champ. Wouldn’t want to see Sheamus vs. Big Show 3 (assuming Big Show is still Champ)

Undertaker. Granted, he’s body is in Mick Foley’s league of falling apart, but if he wins Rumble, he could finish the streak and retire at Mania, finally

Daniel Bryan. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan at Mania would be awesome. They would put on a hell of a show.

Ryback. On ONE condition. He decides to face Big Show at Mania and not Punk/Rock. If Punk wins I can’t watch another Punk vs. Ryback match. Watching Ryback beat Show would be like pulling teeth but we’d have a decent World Champion at the end of it though…

Possible Entrants.

We always have surprise entrants in Rumbles, which on occasion does work (Road Dogg, Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler last year) some not so welcome (Michael Cole last year.) So who do I think should enter this year to make it fun?

Christian. If he is due to come back, don’t think he should win, but could put on a hell of a good show.

Shelton Benjamin. Kofi rightly got the OMG moment for his moment in the Rumble, and if Shelton is coming back, he’d light up the Rumble too.

Big E Langston. I’m sure he’s likely to be in it anyway, but I’d love it if he came in just to eliminate Cena. Even if it is because of AJ.

I could go on forever here. I for one am looking forward to the Royal Rumble; I will certainly order the PPV. Just hope WWE gets it right…

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