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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About John Cena

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About John Cena
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Listed below we compiled a list of interesting facts about the face of the WWE, John Cena.

* John was a fan of the following: Roddy Piper, The Iron Shiek and Hulk Hogan.

* John went to Springfield College.

* John moved out to California after College to Pursue his dreams in BodyBuilding.

* John started lifting weights because he was bullied in school.

* John always looks on the bright side of life, his philosophy is "It will all work itself out."

* John likes to collect Muscle Cars and has a collection of over 20 of them.

* John has a degree in exercise physiology.

* John's first Pay-Per-View appearance was at Vengeance 2002 when he defeated Chris Jericho.

* John was training to be a Bodybuilder. He almost took this path instead of pro-wrestler.

* John is Italian, however he was raised in America.

* John's first Rap was on a Halloween themed edition of SmackDown when he dressed as Vanilla Ice.

* John recorded a Rap/Hip-Hop CD called "You Can't See Me."

* John has two WWE Home Videos -- WordLife (2004) and My Life (2008).

* John's parents names are John Cena Sr. and Carol Cena.

* John has four brothers: Steve, Matt, Sean and Dan.

* John wanted to be a rockstar when he was a child.

* John always tried to remain active as a kid, he didn't just sit around and play video games.

* John watched wrestling with his father and grandfather when he was a child.

* John has starred in two WWE Films -- The Marine (2006) and 12 Rounds (2009).

* John has over 500 Jersey's.

* John gets free Reebok's.

* He got his first weight set at 12 years of age.

* He tries to never miss a training session.

* John worked out at Hard Nocks Gym.

* John always puts full effort into everything, or he doesn't try at all.

* John has had two custom WWE championship's -- WWE Championship and US Championship.

* John's shoe size is 11.

Hope you find these facts useful. If you have something about John Cena not listed, feel free to add it in the comments below.