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Royal Rumble Facts: Most Rumble Wins, Longest Times, Eliminations and More

Royal Rumble Facts: Most Rumble Wins, Longest Times, Eliminations and More

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With the Royal Rumble pay-per-view just weeks away, I have compiled a list of some Royal Rumble facts which are listed below.

Most Rumble Wins

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has won three Royal Rumbles (1997, 1998, 2001). No Superstar has won more.

Longest time in the ring

Rey Mysterio has the longest recorded time in the Royal Rumble with 1:02:12 in 2006. The next longest-lasting entrant is Chris Benoit (1:01:30 in 2004).

Shortest time in the ring while winning

In 2010, Edge became the Royal Rumble winner to spend the shortest amount of time in the match at 07:19. In 2005, Batista came in at a close second at roughly 10 minutes.

First royal rumble winner

Legendary Superstar "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan holds the distinction of being the first Royal Rumble winner. He eliminated One Man Gang for the victory in 1988.

Most eliminations in a single Rumble

Kane eliminated 11 men in the 2001 Royal Rumble: Grand Master Sexay, Steve Blackman, Al Snow, Raven, Saturn, Honky Tonk Man, Tazz, Crash Holly, Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty and The Rock.

Consecutive Rumble Match wins

Three Superstars have won back-to-back Rumbles: Hulk Hogan (1990 & 1991), Shawn Michaels (1995 & 1996) and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (1997 & 1998).

Longest Royal Rumble Match

The 2011 Royal Rumble was the longest ever. It lasted 1 hour, 9 minutes, 51 seconds. It featured 40 superstars rather than the usual 30.

Shortest Royal Rumble

The 1988 Royal Rumble was the shortest ever. It lasted 33 minutes. The match had only 20 Superstars, as opposed to the usual 30.

Shortest Royal Rumble with 30 entrants

The shortest Royal Rumble Match with 30 entrants took place in 1995. With participants entering in 60-second intervals, this match lasted a little more than 38 minutes.

Women in the Rumble Match

In 2010, Beth Phoenix became only the second woman to enter the Royal Rumble Match. Chyna was the first in 1999.

Rey Mysterio in the rumble match

Rey Mysterio is the shortest Superstar to ever win the Royal Rumble. He is also the only masked wrestler to ever win this match.

Most consecutive Rumble appearances

The Big Red Monster Kane has the most consecutive appearances in the Rumble with 13 between 1999 and 2011. He also looks set for this year's Rumble. So make that 14.

Superstars who eliminated themselves

There have been nine instances where Superstars eliminated themselves from Rumble competition. This includes Andre the Giant (1989), Randy Savage (1992), Ahmed Johnson (1997), Mil Mascaras (1997), Farooq (1997), Drew Carey (2001), Kane (1999), Mick Foley (2004) and MVP (2010).

Most Final Four Appearances

Shawn Michaels with 5 in 1994, 1995, 1996, 2007 and 2010.

Most Times Becoming Runner-up

Big Show with 2 in 2000 & 2004

Triple H with 2 in 2008 & 2009

John Cena with 2 in 2005 & 2010

Most Consecutive Eliminations in a Single Rumble

Hulk Hogan with 8 in 1989

Total Eliminations in Cumulative Royal Rumbles

Shawn Michaels with 41 in 12 Rumbles. Kane has 39 in 15 Rumbles. He might break the record this year.

Most Wrestlers Required to Eliminate Someone

Viscera had to be eliminated by 8 wrestlers in 2007.

The Luck of The Game

On three different occasions, the Royal Rumble entrant after Triple H has gone on to win the match.

In 2006, Triple H entered at No. 1, Rey Mysterio entered at No. 2 and Mysterio won it. In 2008, Triple H came in at No. 29, John Cena came in at No. 30 and Cena emerged victorious. In 2009, Triple H was entrant No. 7, Randy Orton was entrant No. 8 and Orton won the match.

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