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Over the past few years World Wrestling Entertainment has been nothing but a shell of what it used to be, and before you think this is just another person ranting that he wants the Attitude era back read before you judge because I have accepted the attitude era is long gone, and that there will never be another era like it. Even though the Attitude era is long gone, this doesn't mean that WWE will never be as good as it used to be, because it very well could be, it would just be something else entertaining us instead of violence and personal storylines.

But before I talk about WWE’s recent rise I must talk about their fall.

The fall of WWE in my eyes began when they started making all there Pay Per Views for Raw and Smackdown, I think it down played storylines, feuds and build ups to the pay per view. Usually each brand had a month and a bit to build up storylines or elevate them, now they sometimes have 3 weeks or just under a month. Those who have no idea what I’m on about I will give an example

Summerslam would be Raw and Smackdown.
Unforgiven would be a Raw Pay Per view only ,meaning the World title would be defended at this pay per view only and only superstars from Raw would compete, Same goes for a Smackdown pay per view only such as No Mercy the WWE title would be defended and Smackdown superstars would compete.

WWE made their target audience Children, Now I don’t mean to be harsh on children but WWE was good when it was PG 14, because that meant the storylines could be a little violent and a little personal, but now with Children being the target audience, the writers can’t do much, they can’t make the story’s personal like they used too.

Now I must say this and say this quick another downfall is Super John Cena. Personally I don’t mind Cena, I’m not a fan of his but I also don’t hate him, but I do notice when the WWE constantly lets him win and when he loses he doesn’t lose clean, or when he can take down whole fractions on his own, example: NXT, Spirit Squad.

Now the taking away blood did not do themselves any favors, like when you have a Hell in a Cell match or an Elimination Chamber you have to expect a cut or something, they had also got rid of certain matches such as the first blood match, but WWE saw it too violent for kids.

The next and very last thing I think that was there fall was these themed Pay Per Views, such as Hell in a Cell, now when a Hell in a Cell match got announced people got excited because it was an intense feud that had got so personal that this was it the end of it all, now they just throw people in the cell and go have at it, example Ryback and Punk.

But after years of falling there is finally a Rise for WWE, they have a lot of potential superstars in their locker room, such as Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Antonio Cesaro, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barret, and the up and coming Shield.

Most of those Superstars came from the WWE Program NXT which I believe has been a diamond in the rough and it has given a place for these new Superstars to shine and then make a big opening in WWE.

Dolph Ziggler is the next big contender in WWE, he reminds me a bit of a heel Edge where you just love to hate him. The Miz is another person I’ve kept my eye on since he first started in the WWE and I must say he has done nothing but impress.

Daniel Bryan is another big name I see, his matches with CM Punk this year we’re really good even his match with Sheamus at Extreme Rules was amazing, I loved it beginning to end.

WWE has finally started to stop its descent into the pit and finally started to rise above and I must say this might just be the beginning of the next Era.

If you have anything you would like to add/feedback put it in the comments below, it would be very appreciated being this was my first article.

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