Justin Barr

WWE’s recent injection of youth into the main roster is paying off before our eyes.

After almost two whole years of relatively on and off, stale programming, it seems WWE has struck gold through their most recent idea of promoting the winners and contenders of the NXT Championship.

Before the emergence of Ryback, WWE’s effort to promote and push young talent was few and far between.

In 2010, the WWE Universe saw the emergence of talent such as Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett, however since then WWE has failed to give time and the spotlight to several up-and-comers.

Names like Brodus Clay and Justin Gabriel spring to mind.

Despite this though, 2012 has seen several changes for the better – changes such as the reformation of NXT programming and FCW Wrestling, and the introduction of the NXT Championship.

Because of this, there has been an increase in the quality of production and packaging of young wrestlers who have proven that they are ready for the next big step in their careers.

Wrestlers such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Big E Langston, Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow, not to mention Ryback who emerged from the NXT system in 2010.

All of these aforementioned men have made successful impacts in WWE in 2012 due to far greater exposure and emphasis on young talent and developmental wrestling.

This in turn has created awareness within the developmental roster and the impression that the performance and skill of young wrestlers is being given greater spotlight.

This therefore allows developmental wrestlers to be more appreciated by WWE fans, giving them something to aspire to as they ready themselves for the main roster.

It is due to this reason that 2012 has been WWE’s best year in a long time as far as youth development is concerned.
And there’s no reason why that shouldn’t continue into 2013.

Names such as Kassius Ohno, Richie Steamboat and Xavier Woods have all been long overdue for their turn under WWE’s proverbial spotlight, but what will the future hold?

As 2012 comes to a close and the Royal Rumble rapidly approaches, look for the brightest and best young stars of the past year to make an impact.

And here’s to hoping the WWE Universe is singing the praises of another group of exciting, engaging and talented youth this time next year as well.

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