Adam wilkinson

Could Sandow and Cesaro work?

*fast forward and pretend Rhodes-Scholars have broken up*

I mean they both obviously think they are better and more superior to everyone,both love to ask questions no one can answer, and both love to insult us and our intelligence so why not?. I believe this team could work really well together and turn out to be a really great tag team.

They both have good in-ring skills and mic skills (IMO more so Sandow than Cesaro) and what ever the other is lacking, they could help each other with. I personally think these two would be waaay better than Rhodes-Scholars (which is a stupid name) and go much farther than they will. I mean Cody and Damien were great together, but IMO, are better off without each other. And you've read the articles, creative is very high on both men, so I could see them doing some great things with the two, possibly going further than just winning tag team gold with one another. I could possibly see, Cesaro with the U.S. title and Damien holding the IC title, I think that would be pretty cool. But ehh, just a thought, what do you guys think, could it work?

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