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In the world of Professional Wrestling we have seen many Superstars and Legends. We have also seen many stars that we thought would be bigger names than they ended up being. For one reason or another some talents just didn't reach the potential that, us fans thought they would reach. I would venture to say that, there are just as many talents that are in this category as, talents that actually hit Superstar levels. This blog isn't necessarily a focus on how many championships a talent has won in their career but, more of a focus on the potential drawing power that was never reached.

We all know the history of the first talent on this list and, that's Jake "The Snake" Roberts. At one time, Jake Roberts was the most 'over' wrestler in W.W.E not named, Hulk Hogan. Demons and bad decisions derailed "The Snake" from really hitting it bigger than he should have. Roberts was the best "promo-man" in the business at one time and, also one of the best workers to ever lace up a pair of boots. The sad thing with Jake was that, he was released from W.W.E during his best work as a heel. Jake Roberts captivated audiences with his deep-dark promos, in-ring psychology and, the ever-devastating DDT. Had Jake Roberts not had the "personal issues" that deprived his career, the sky would of been the limit for "The Snake."

Another talent that I thought would be a big star was, Mr. Kennedy (a.k.a Mr. Anderson). When Mr. Kennedy came on the scene in W.W.E, I would have 'bet the farm' that he was going to be a major player for years to come. He had a great voice, to go along with great promo skills and, was over-loaded with charisma. Mr. Kennedy at first, carried himself with so much confidence that you just felt that he was going to be the next big thing. Over time through injuries, backstage politics, etc, Mr. Kennedy started to lose the confidence that made him great and, he was never really able to rebound. When Kennedy was released from W.W.E and, signed by T.N.A, I thought it was the proverbial "shot in the arm" his career needed. After a hot start, Anderson seemed to end up lost in the shuffle again, where he is pretty much remained since. Overall, there have been major flashes of greatness with Anderson but, for one reason or the next, he just hasn't been able to keep it consistent.

I think this talent may catch some people by surprise but in my opinion, this guy has not lived up to his full potential and that's, Randy Orton. I know he has won countless championships and, been in the main-event of many shows but, Orton has not showed the drawing power that, I always thought he would have. The fans love him, his in-ring work is nearly perfect, he literally knows how to draw you in with his presence but, there is just something missing. I don't know if it is some of the issues he has had or, his lack of promo ability but, there is definitely something there that is keeping him from being the top guy. When Orton won the World Title at Summerslam in 2004 and, was turned into a baby-face, I thought the sky was the limit. Now granted for whatever reason, W.W.E kind of pulled the plug on that because, I really do think Orton was "hot" at that time as a face. Orton also had a feud with Triple H in 2009 and, pretty much started it off by punting Vince McMahon in the head and again, I thought that the sky was the limit for his new 'silent but deadly' heel persona. I just feel like at the end of Orton's career we will all look back at him and his career as unfulfilled. For the greatness that he possesses, I always thought Orton would be a or the top guy in the business and, that has never happened.

There are so many talents that could go on this list, that it's not even funny. There is, Rob Van Dam, Alex Riley, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Drew McIntyre and, even Jeff Hardy. I could really keep going and, I may pick back up from this blog sometime because, there is really so much material for this subject. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday! Thank you for your support!
Adam Troy Brown
Jake reached Superstar level but not to the point of ever be given the opportunity to win a title. I really thought he was at least material for the IC title a few times. Maybe not necessarily heavyweight title. But, yes, unfortunately, his "demons" got the best of him and he allowed them to and ...
  • December 24, 2012
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Justin Barr
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