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Hey guys and girls. Sorry about this being two days after, but that is my usual turnaround for blogs. Sorry! Anyways, here are my thoughts and reactions on the commercial-free, live edition of Smackdown.

On December 18th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there was a commercial-free, live, edition of Smackdown. This edition of Smackdown was different. We finally found the reasoning behind AJ’s “screwjob” at TLC, where she pushed down the ladder that John Cena was in the process of climbing. We saw Big E. Langston make his presence felt once again, but not once, but twice. The Shield made their mark once again, laying waste to three different wrestlers. Here are my thoughts and reactions on everything that happened at Smackdown:

I see a running gag in Miz TV. This running gag consistently features Miz being beaten down by someone, whether it would be his guest(s) or someone from the back area. This was no difference from the typical Miz TV, as we saw Miz get a beatdown from Big E. Langston. The whole premise of Miz TV is pretty much the same as all of those talk shows WWE has seen in the past, such as Carlito’s Cabana and MVP’s VIP Lounge. They start out serious and answer questions, but then there is a fight in which either the set or the host is destroyed. In this case, it was the host. Well, first, AJ Lee explained her actions to us and we figured out why she screwed John Cena and joined Dolph Ziggler. Bore. Somehow (I forget how), Big E. Langston began to attack Miz and eventually hit him with the Big Ending as he calls it.

Just for the record, I believe that Damien Sandow is a great wrestler in most, if not all, aspects of wrestling. He has a great gimmick of being the smart and sophisticated heel. He has amazing skills on the mic and can give really good promos that are fun to watch. Finally, he is good in the ring. He has a vicious style of fighting that isn’t bad. But when you face a guy who is botching a lot, you know you are in trouble. I’ve never liked Sin Cara. He doesn’t have a wow factor that makes him as fun to watch as other high flyers, such as Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. So, during this match, I was not expecting much. And I was correct. The match itself was boring until the Shield came out with Rey Mysterio’s mask and distracted Sin Cara, which was enough opening for Damien Sandow to hit Terminus and gain a victory. After the match, the Shield attacked Sin Cara to write him off TV due to injuries. I personally enjoyed it because it was the way that made the most sense and I just love seeing Sin Cara lose matches and get beat up.

I hate Santino Marella. This guy is just awful. He is terrible at wrestling and his comedy is stale. I miss his heel days when he made his matches comedic and did awesome promos, now he just looks like an idiot in a singlet. And because of WWE Creative, who else looks like an idiot? Tensai. I’ve never really liked Tensai either. There isn’t much to him, but he has lost his robe, mask, green mist, and the Lord moniker. So, two of the biggest idiots in the business are squaring off, and I was really hoping for a Tensai victory. He may not be that good, but he sure as heck is better than Santino. Whenever I saw Tensai lose to that disgrace to wrestling known as Santino, I was PO’ed. Tensai needs a victory more than Santino. I mean, Tensai comes back to the WWE, wins a few big matches, and is now getting treated like trash. It is ridiculous. Honestly, I really hope the Shield attacks Santino...

Now it was time for a 6-man tag team match between Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston vs. The Prime Time Players & Wade Barrett. I didn’t enjoy this match. This match had a few OK moments to it, but there wasn’t much substance in it. I am not really sure why the Prime Time Players were in it, considering they really have nothing to do with Team Hell No or Kofi Kingston as far as I know. Well, at least Darren Young got pinned and not Wade Barrett.

When CM Punk came out, I was expecting the usual, but I enjoyed that promo a lot. In my opinion, he did a really good job at sucking in the crowd and getting booed. Eventually, Ryback comes out, kills the mood, and gets his title shot on the first Raw of 2013. After that, Antonio Cesaro comes out and begins a match against Ryback. I am a fan of Cesaro, but this match with Ryback was somewhat mediocre. Cesaro did well, but the cowardice he used to attempt to get out of the match sickened me. This is what WWE loves doing. Burying the heels in that aspect and making them look like cowards.

The AJ Lee and Kaitlyn backstage segment is the same as almost every backstage diva segment. It always ends in a fight one way or another. Thank God Kaitlyn did not sell that shot to the head with the water bottle, because I am pretty sure a water bottle does not hurt that much. Anyways, I was actually impressed with this match. I noticed that the match was a bit longer than usual and that both Kaitlyn and Eve did a great job in the ring, in my opinion. However, the fact that Kaitlyn won by a disqualification was pretty sad, as I prefer diva matches to end in a pinfall or submission.

Why must Brad Maddox be tortured by facing these mediocre fat guys that dance around like an idiot. Yes, I am talking about Brodus Clay, who, in my mind, looks like a pimp with his jumpsuit, bling, and his dancers. He has no talent! He honestly is terrible at dancing and terrible at wrestling. I’d much rather see Brad Maddox win, but in a way, Brodus Clay should’ve won, as I’d prefer to see Maddox gain a contract versus a big name superstar, which would give his contract that much more meaning. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Shield beating up Brodus for obvious reasons.

The main event was lackluster as well, which is exactly what I expected, especially since it includes Big Show and John Cena, who are both weak at wrestling, IMO. There wasn’t much to this match, as usual with a Smackdown Tag Team Main Event. It had the same idea as most tag team matches where one team (usually the heel team) dominates the majority of the match and the opposing team hits a huge move and makes a tag to his fresh partner who dominates and either gets the win or gets extremely close to a win. Same idea here, until Big E. Langston comes in and lays out John Cena for the second night in a row. We see a similar sight as we see Big E. Langston standing over Cena, AJ Lee skipping around Cena, and Dolph Ziggler on the turnbuckle celebrating the destruction of John Cena.

Overall, there were few enjoyments during Super Smackdown LIVE that kept me interested and sucked in. My overall rating for the show is five out of ten stars, due to the lack of unexciting and uninteresting moments to really keep me fully absorbed in. However, the Big E. Langston and Shield attacks really helped out with that. This edition of Smackdown wasn't abysmal, but it wasn't amazing either. This is one of the better Smackdowns I've seen, so I was pleased. I hope Smackdown will only improve from this episode.

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