Justin Barr

Since debuting in WWE there has been no question whether or not Antonio Cesaro will be a top star in the company. Listed below are a couple reasons as to why he is more relevant then other stars on the roster.

The ability to grab your attention: Whether its little things to cracking his neck back and forth to hitting his finishing maneuver when you least expect it, he grabs your attention. Many other stars on the current WWE roster lack that ability. They don't have you hanging on the edge of your seat like Cesaro does. That characteristic is very important when there are other guys fighting for the same thing you are, which is television time.

Management backing: Very few new comers have management backing.... long-term. Just look at Brodus Clay for example. That guy started off hot, had a nice winning streak going, basically becoming a new mid-card talent at a fast pace. Fast forward to now. Where is Brodus now? Wrestling on WWE Superstars? Jobbing matches? Being boring and played out? Basically Brodus has been put in the "Zack Ryder zone." Hot one minute, cold forever.

Management seems to have a plan long-term for Cesaro that will stick. Since his debut, he has been paired with a hot diva, kicked her to the curve and then captured the United States championship. Cesaro has held onto to his title and defended it in great entertainment fashion. Not many stars can say that about themselves so early on in the states of their career.

In closing, I can't wait to see where Cesaro position in the company will be in the next few years. Royal Rumble winner? Money in the Bank winner? The possibilities are endless with this guy.

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