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Kurt Angle debuted in W.W.E at the tail end of 1999 and, went on to become a featured superstar all the way up to when he left in 2006. Angle signed with T.N.A, at the end of 2006, and to the present day, has been a featured superstar there as well. The main reason I bring up this topic is to, write about which run has been better for "The Olympic Gold Medalist." Kurt Angle has been very successful in both companies and, at both for about the same amount of time.

Kurt Angle's W.W.E run started when he was 30 going on 31 years old. Very new and, young to the business, Kurt Angle was thrust into the spotlight very quickly and, very successfully. While a lot of talents would have a hard time transitioning to the performance side of professional wrestling after being an amateur for so long, for Kurt Angle it was nearly effortless. He came in during a time where a lot of top talent were at the top of their game and, was able to not only, not be lost in the shuffle but, was able to make a name for himself and, fit right in with the top mix. Kurt was also able to show the fans that he was more than just a great wrestler but, that he was an entertainer in every way possible. He was able to make you laugh, make you pissed, make you feel his pain and, left you on the edge of your seat from bell-to-bell. Kurt was also able to earn many accolades during his tenure with W.W.E, winning multiple World Championships and, becoming the fifth-ever Grandslam Champion in W.W.E History. Kurt had legendary matches with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero and, others. During his run in W.W.E, Kurt Angle truly put his stamp not only in the record-books of W.W.E but, on W.W.E as a whole.

In 2006, after a bad fallout with W.W.E at the time, Kurt Angle decided to "Cross the Line" and, take his talents to the up-start company, T.N.A Wrestling. At the age of 37 with now 8 years of experience, Kurt Angle felt that it was time to reinvigorate his career and, find new competition and, a new environment to apply his craft. Kurt Angle debuted in dominant fashion by going face-to-face with Samoa Joe and giving the, "Headbutt heard around the World," splitting Joe's nose open. Kurt also started off with a bang in T.N.A by making the year of 2007, Total Nonstop Angle. Kurt would hold the T.N.A World Championship for most of 2007 and, in August of that year, won every Championship in T.N.A, in a match for all of the gold against Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle had a best of five series with Samoa Joe that extended from the beginning of 2007, all the way to Lockdown in 2008, with the 2 competitors making matches that were legendary to the fans of T.N.A. Kurt Angle's also had great feuds and, legendary matches while working for T.N.A with guys like, Samoa Joe, A.J Styles, Bobby Roode, Sting, Jeff Jarrett and, others. Kurt has also been able to account for many accolades in T.N.A as well, becoming a multiple time World Champion and, the second ever Triple Crown Champion in company history. Like a nicely oiled machine, Kurt Angle has literally showed no signs of slowing down. Even now at 44 years old, Kurt is still able to leave you at the edge of your seat, with his his intense matches.

This topic is really for fans to discuss and decide which run has been better for, "The Olympic Gold Medalist." Is it a run where, Kurt Angle was a guy in the top mix for the biggest company in wrestling and, was able to WOW! us with his ability to be more than just a technical wrestler and, still have awesome matches? Or, is it a run where he has been "The MAN!" in a smaller company and, has still WOW'd! us with his show-stealing matches and, incredible rivalries? Both runs have been great, to make a career, for one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring and, show up on our television screen, Kurt Angle!

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