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John Cena and Dolph Ziggler will battle at the TLC pay-per-view in just a few days. Ziggler and Cena have had a pretty solid feud building, and now, Ziggler's Money in The Bank briefcase is on the line in a ladder match at TLC. Ziggler recently stated that this is his biggest match of his career, and I would have to agree, but for John Cena, I think not. Here are a few reasons as to why John Cena shouldn't be going over Dolph Ziggler at Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

A Pointless Win - Yes, Cena winning would be pointless. He doesn't need a Money in the Bank briefcase to get over and has won the title a dozen plus times. Cena is already a well known star, and will be in the WWE Hall of Fame probably within 10 minutes after he retires.

Would it make sense? - John Cena is battling mostly with the Raw brand roster. Do they plan on switching him to SmackDown? If they do, then it may make sense.

Time To Move On - John Cena winning the briefcase means either one of the two things. He is going on to face The Big Show or Sheamus during WrestleMania season on the SmackDown brand? Where would his scandal storyline fit in?

Taking Away From CM Punk - Lets say Cena wins Money in the Bank, cashes in and wins. We'd have John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion, and then CM Punk as the WWE Champion. Which championship title would have more prestige at that point?

Cutting Ziggler's Momentum - Ever since Ziggler captured the Money in The Bank briefcase, everyone has been waiting week after week to see when he would cash it in. Pay-per-views past by and Ziggler still couldn't find the right opportunity to use his contract.

He has built up solid momentum to become a main-event star, more recently at Survivor Series when he pinned Randy Orton. Cena winning at TLC would take Ziggler’s momentum away.

With that being said, John Cena needs to be put on the back burned and let other people have their moments.

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