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Final Resolution. The end to TNA’s pay-per-view year. The supposed Big Bang that is supposed to be the huge ending to TNA’s year that didn’t leave me so amazed as I would have liked, but I was expecting that with the B- to C+ card that the PPV had. Anyways, my topic today is on the events that happened at the very end of Final Resolution right after Aces & Eights appeared in the stands. They just stood there while Bobby Roode attempted to call them in. To be honest, I was really disappointed with this and the events afterwards, including the terrible ending via Twist of Fate and the aftermath.

So, just after Jeff Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and pinned Bobby Roode to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Then here comes Aces & Eights, attacking Jeff Hardy immediately after pinning Roode. Now, I was happy with this because my hate for Jeff Hardy has been rapidly growing and it grows every time he gets a win. However, I wasn’t the happiest with the attack on Bobby Roode and the fact that there was no Aces & Eights interference in the actual match. Let me explain:

We all know Bobby Roode as one of TNA’s top heels. His in-ring work is great and his work on the microphone is even better, in my opinion. The cocky, pretentious heel attitude that some have like Austin Aries is slightly revamped with a more practical heel look, but with the same basic outline. He is, more or less, TNA’s modified version of Chris Jericho from the late 2000’s. Wears the suit and is very serious during promos. However, he isn’t quite there to being the heel that he could’ve been with the aid of Aces & Eights.

The hiring of a gang or people has, most likely, been done before. It is a great method for a heel to garner dirty victories and get heat, especially against loved faces, in TNA’s case, Jeff Hardy. Imagine if this happened: The storyline from Thursday continued and Aces & Eights came out and distracted Hardy, Roode could’ve become the new champion and begun a new reign over TNA as a dominant force. Eventually, he becomes too greedy and Aces & Eights turns their back on him at some time.

I thought it would’ve been great, but that is just me. Thanks for reading.

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