Adam wilkinson

My Thoughts On The Shield So Far.

I'll break it down piece by piece.

As Individuals:

Well it's already obvious that so far Ambrose is the strong root of the group and I like this guy. He hasn't even said much and has me hooked. That 1st promo alone was enough to make me a fan. So without a doubt unless WWE screws it up, when they break up, he'll most definitely be the soul survivor of the group and get more success later on in his career.

Seth: Ehh not really feeling this guy too much. I don't really like him, and he's obviously not a natural born speaker like Ambrose. Seth has to think before he speaks ad puts a little too much into it. But idk maybe I'll warm up to him later and maybe I won't, I mean hes only had one promo so far, but time will tell.

Roman: Quiet. haha but he seems like the type of guy who, just like Ambrose would excel in a singles career, just needs to break out of the quiet boy shell, but he plays it quite well.

As a group:

Definitely a force to be reckoned with. Powerful and know their stuff, think the names sucks but it fits them well. Also somethings they do in the ring during an attack are kinda stupid *laughs* like when Reigns looked like he was getting some type of weird pleasure out of smashing Bryan's face into the ground *laughing* funny stuff. Also, people keep comparing them to the Nexus. Well, news flash they aren't and never will be, IMO they are far more talented and entertaining than the nexus was. They got the job done with three guys and not 7 or however many was in the Nexus. But anyway these guys are a site to see when together. I expect nothing but great things from them.

So whats your thoughts on The Shield?