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CM Punk-Is a Wrestlemania Match with The Undertaker In His Future?

CM Punk-Is a Wrestlemania Match with The Undertaker In His Future?
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CM Punk has been the champion for 381+ days . The Undertaker has been undefeated at Wrestlemania for 21+ years. For CM Punk, it all started at Survivor Series 2011 . CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio via. submission to become the WWE Champion . For The Undertaker , it all started at Wrestlemania VII (7) when he defeated Jimmy Snuka . Wrestlemania 29, could be the place where The Undertaker's streak and CM Punk's title reign collide .

Not only would the stakes be high, the ratings for the match would ultimately high . CM Punk and The Undertaker have met before. They feuded for a few months a couple of years ago over the World Heavyweight Championship . Undertaker won that feud, with it finishing as The Undertaker as the New World Heavyweight Champion . CM Punk and The Undertaker's styles seem perfect to mesh together . Undertaker's strength and strikes mixed in with CM Punk's kicks and submission style moves seem like the perfect fit . Not only would this be a great match skill wise , it could also be great microphone wise . CM Punk is undoubtedly the best talker in wrestling today. Undertaker's not a bad talker himself . CM Punk could drop his pipebombs , while Undertaker can drop his "Rest In Piece" catchphrase.

I may sound like I'm dreaming here, but it's been rumored for a decent amount of time that this match will happen . I would love to see this match live and in person (Yes, I'm going to Wrestlemania 29), and see "The Best In The World" take on "The Deadman" in a Streak vs. Title Match. The outcome could change WWE forever. If CM Punk were to win, The Undertaker's would most likely retire . If Undertaker wins , what would be the status of the WWE Championship ? Personally, I would see no negative effects coming from the outcome of this match . No matter who would win, it would sure be one great feud and match.