Adam wilkinson

Ryback! The Tale of a Monster!

Ryback is a MONSTER, unlike any other, that fans have seen in Professional Wrestling since Bill Goldberg. He is big, explosive and, has the oh-so-talked about, "IT" Factor. Sure he is "green" in the ring but, he offers much more than in-ring ability. In fact, I would go on record to say, "Ryback being "green" is what makes him the monster that he is." I make that statement because, Ryback is "RAW" in that ring, he doesn't work the "cookie-cutter" style that most guys work. That physical raw ability is what separates Ryback from the pack, so to speak. Yes, his look and, other factors, help the presentation but, it's Ryback's ability to make fans believe that he is literally destroying his opponents (in some cases he is). There are a lot of comparisons to Goldberg and, W.W.E has tried to nix those comparisons as much as they can, without compromising what has brought Ryback to the dance. In Goldberg's run in the 90s, he literally went from September of 1997 to December of 1998 without losing, showing signs of weakness and, looked unstoppable. Ryback's first few months were the same but, as the "Goldberg" chants kept coming, W.W.E decided it was in Ryback's best interest to make him look vulnerable. Goldberg also did not speak, in an era in W.C.W where, more people talked than wrestled. W.W.E decides to go the opposite route by letting Ryback talk but, also being very careful when it comes to not letting him talk to much and, telling him what to say. But, I find that telling him what to say, is a hindrance when it comes to the growth and development of the Ryback character.

Ryback's loss at "Hell in a Cell" was a hidden help for Ryback's career. The finish was debatable but, the results were right in so many ways. At first I made the statement that, "It was dumb for W.W.E not to put Ryback over and make a new star." I then backed off that statement realizing that, Ryback is "made" in more ways than one. He is more 'over' than most of the W.W.E roster and, is also a guy who will always be in the mix, as long as he is with the company. Had, Ryback won at "Hell in a Cell" he would have had no where to go after a program with Punk and, would of looked weaker if he had dropped the belt back to Punk within the next month or so. Also, the fans who were getting behind Ryback would have lost interest because of the old saying being that, "the chase is worth more than the conquering." I also believe that many fans would have turned against Ryback for the simple fact, that a lot of us like seeing Punk as our W.W.E Champion. It was a good time to have Ryback lose without really hurting his character but, I also believe that it is time to take him out of the title picture until after Wrestlemania.

I have a wish that, W.W.E would loosen the leash on Ryback. What I mean is, quit making him look so robotic in his delivery of promos and, characteristics. It feels like they tell Ryback.. "Ok, after you hit the big clothesline, frail your arms up and down 10 times, start the chant and get ready for your finisher." I would like to see Ryback steal from Goldberg in the way that after, Goldberg would hit the spear, stare straight into the hard-camera and, grab the top rope and explode with a crazy facial towards the hard-camera. Sure, it seems like a small intricate detail but, it's the little things that matter when it comes to the presentation of a character and, it is something that no one is doing right now. When Ryback starts, the "Feed Me More" chant you almost get the feeling he is reading a cue-card and, it comes off robotic. His promos also, need to be less about "Feeding & Eating" and, more about "Realism & Toughness." I have faith that Ryback is a better talker than, what has been given to him to say. So, please W.W.E give the guy a chance to add his own touch to his promos and, characteristics in the ring and, you will see the results.

A lot of fans are getting into "Wrestlemania" mode with predictions of how they think the card should look. I've seen many people say, Ryback should go against, Undertaker, Cena and, even Rock. I don't think W.W.E should put Ryback in that situation unless they turn him heel. But, Ryback doesn't need to turn heel yet at this point in his career. Right now it is about building his fan-base up, so that when you do finally turn him heel, he becomes a "Big-Time" heel. I think Ryback would be best suited in a match against Brock Lesnar. They are two powerhouse guys that offer a degree of physicality in W.W.E's biggest show of the year. Lesnar is so good at playing the heel role that, fans would get behind Ryback leading into the match and, a win over Brock Lesnar on W.W.E's biggest stage, would solidify what W.W.E wants their "W.W.E Universe" to perceive Ryback as. Ryback is a major future player in the W.W.E as long as he keeps passing the "Wellness Tests" and, stays healthy. At, 5 million dollars, per 30 or so appearances a year for Brock Lesnar, he shouldn't mind doing the 'job' for the "Up-Start Monster."

At the end of the day, Ryback may lack experience, he may be "green" and, he may not be as smooth as a Randy Orton or Dolph Ziggler. But, in the advent of making new stars, Ryback should be a star of the future as long as, W.W.E does the right things in booking him.