Adam wilkinson

I Want YOU...To Be A "Paul Heyman Guy"

And down below I've listed a few people who I think should become "Paul Heyman guys" to get their careers restarted again.

So here's who and why:

1. Alex Riley: This guy with out a doubt could definitely be places right now if it wasn't for a certain someone *cough Cena cough*. I believe Heyman could help put him back on the market and get him known again. His mic skills weren't the best but they can easily be fixed. Just let Heyman do all the talking, that's basically a managers job anyway. Boast their clients ego, get the crowd to hate them and help them win their matches.

2. Jack Swagger: Boy does this guy need as much help as he can get.We all know his career has plummeted as of late. He's never on tv, and when he was, he was jobbing. Perhaps a new gimmick could help him out, and a manager like Heyman could surely get him somewhere.

3. Ted Dibiase: Ted's career, much like the two above him, has spiraled down horribly without any chance of hope. I think Ted's problem is (other than being injury prone) he doesn't know how to be on his own that well. I mean IMO he did good with million dollar championship gimmick, but where did it really get him?. And also like I mentioned earlier, he's becoming one of those injury prone guys. Every time he heals, the second he steps back in a ring, he's out again. I believe putting him with Heyman wouldn't be to bad of an idea. It could get him started off in the right direction. Probably could get him into a few good solid story lines, and feuds.

4. Wade Barrett: Although Barrett can handle his own, I think Paul could be of great assistance to the barrage. Ever since he came back with this new gimmick and finisher, I haven't be as impressed with Barrett as I was before his injury. I think he should go back to his old ways and with the assistance of Heyman, not only will he become a top heel, but a future WHC in no time.

5. Tensai: I'm no fan trust me, but the guy needs help. Being advertised and built up as this unstoppable force and what not,he has done horribly in the ring since his return, I haven't seen him in one good match yet. But besides his horrible in-ring work, the guy could really use a mouth piece. Or perhaps a body guard gimmick of some sort for Heyman and Punk. Because it's obvious they're not gonna use this guy anytime soon for anything except to job.


1.Antonio Cesaro
2.Dolph Ziggler
3.Damien Sandow

All three with promising careers, but IMO they are just missing something, and maybe Heyman could bring that out in them.

But anyway, so any opinions? If the opportunity arises to help these guys, should he go for it? Could he help these guys out?