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The Shield - Could They Feud With Team Hell No ?

The Shield - Could They Feud With Team Hell No ?
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At Survivor Series , a group known as "The Shield" made it's debut , helping CM Punk retain his WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match . Since that shocking debut , Dean Ambrose , Seth Rollins , and Roman Reigns have been attacking the likes of Ryback , Daniel Bryan, and Kane . Kane and Daniel Bryan just happen to be the WWE Tag Team Champions .Could this be an indication that The Shield will be feuding with Daniel Bryan and Kane ?

In my opinion, it very well could be . A feud with Team Hell No over the WWE Tag Team Championships would do wonders for The Shield . Not only would Ambrose , Rollins , and Reigns be able to show their skills , it would also add a new dimension to the group - a red hot start to their main roster careers . While Team Hell No may be entertaining , I see it as the right time to break them up , and go their separate ways. It seems like an almost perfect time for The Shield to win some gold .

The idea of a Team Hell No-Shield feud would have most fans drooling at the fact that Daniel Bryan , Dean Ambrose , and Seth Rollins would be in the same ring at the same time . I would be one of those fans . A Team Hell No-Shield feud would most likely draw in an audience from Ring of Honor . They would draw in hardcore ROH fans , who saw these guys where they first started. And to see their boys all grown up , could draw in major ratings for the time slots their feud is highlighted in .

With that being said , this could be a feud WWE should consider , and may consider doing over the next few weeks . I would love to see this feud come to fruition , because it would be a great feud in overall wrestling , microphone skills , and a great feud for the tag team division . I'm sure Daniel Bryan , Kane , and The Shield would put on one heck of a show !