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What to Expect on Tonight's Episode of WWE Raw

The WWE was in somewhat of a holding pattern last week, but with TLC now less than two weeks away, things promise to heat up on Raw. Here are a few items in which are expected to be covered on tonight's episode of WWE Raw.

What Will Be The Shield's Next Move? - Hopefully we see more this week then just a sit down interview. I felt the sit down interview last week came off very weak. First impressions count, and yes they made a good impression with the attacks on Ryback but not so much on the mic. Many may disagree, but either way, I was not impressed. Hopefully they play something out better tonight.

Will John Cena and AJ Take the Next Step in Their Relationship? - I am ready for this one to end, but it doesn't look like that is happening anytime in the near future, well at least until Royal Rumble. Expect Vickie to come out with more evidence or something of that matter.

Will John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler Be Announced for TLC? - Some are speculating that somehow Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase will be on the line here. Cena has mentioned in the past that all that Ziggler has going for him is that. Let's hope that is not the case. Expect some sort of match with stipulation to be announced.

Will CM Punk Continue to Get the Better of Ryback? - CM Punk has benefited a lot from outside interference from The Shield the past couple of weeks. How much longer will they get away with the assist? Many predict not much longer. Expect Ryback to get the upper hand either this week, or next.

Tune in tonight for complete coverage of tonight's show. Also, please post your comments or predictions below!

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