Adam wilkinson

Cena vs Rock II Will Be A Failure

*face palm* really WWE? REALLY? Are we trying to make them HHH and Taker?. Once a fight happens and ends, it should stay that way. I mean some feuds are actually good enough to start back up again, but IMO not ones such as this. As nothing has been set in stone, we already know some way, some how it's gonna happen. I mean, the outcome is so predictable, which is what WWE has become in the last year or so.

Every time I hear about the possibility of this match I get mad. Let me explain why this is going to fail (fan wise, not money wise). Because its already be done before, we've seen it. Just like the HHH/Taker feud, you already know the outcome. Neither man has something to gain nor lose. So what Cena lost the first time? Who cares? It was about time anyways. WWE needs to learn to give us something new and not something old. That's what keeps the fans glued to their tv's, butts in seats, and money in your pocket Vince.

The WWE fans have gotten waaaay too smart at this game to be tricked. You can't give us something we don't want, yes there are a few out there that want this, but majority rules and the rest of us don't.

The feud will be boring as well, Rock only showing up every now and then to cut a promo and accomplishing nothing. Cena boasting about how he will win this time blah blah blah, been there down that guys. Instead of feeding Rock old meat, throw him something fresh...CM Punk.

The mic wars are going to be killer, and the in-ring work probably not that bad. Im sure if Punk can't fight Austin, Rock is not a bad replacement. I don't want Rock to just win the title and move on. Have this thing lead up to wrestlemania. Only problem I have with these Rock feuds are...HES NEVER FREAKING HERE!. why make promises you can't keep? If you know you have 80 million movies coming up, why keep tricking the minds of the fans?

But back to the topic, yes I believe WWE should cancel any future Rock and Cena plans, it was called "ONCE in a lifetime" for a reason Vince. Let things go and move on to the next.